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Geez this sucks

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. If you happen to see me in another offical race please slap me, cuss me out, or something... That is the last official race that I'm getting into until I get a different wheel. I just got into a Star Mazda race and sure enough I'm on pole for my split, I lead for about 7 laps not a problem in the world. There was a gent that had a bit of pressure on me but not alot. I get just to the hairpin and my brake goes nutty on me. I save the spin but lose enough time for the gent behind me to catch me down the straight. Since he had enough speed on me I let him pass for the turns before the start/finish line. Then coming into turn 2 of all places my brake activates and I put a tire in the dirt. Spin city, hello wall...lol...

    I've taken this thing apart and tried to clean it but I guess that didn't help. I think what is going on here is the brake if you put a tad bit of pressure the right direction it moves sideways and I think that is what is causing the brake to become active. That is the only thing I can think of anyway.

    I can't believe I'm going to say this but I might just get the darn flight stick out again...haha

    **EDIT** Went back and looked and it was only 7 laps before the pedal went loopy on me.
  2. G27 for the next one ;)
  3. There was a website that I had found that shows a "fix" for what could be the problem. Hopefully I can find it tomorrow and see if I can fix this thing for now. Saving up the cash for the next wheel though!
  4. +1 for G27 Joe.
    Boo mate. Beg borrow or steal the the cash for one... ; )
  5. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

  6. Thinking about it... I do have momo pedals... Problem is that I am in Montreal and shipping from Canada is a beetch.
    Let me know if you're interested... I can just give them to you, but as I said... shippig from Canada :(
    At least 30$ I think
  7. lol sweet! That was the site I was talking about Lars...lol...

    Thank you for the offer Flavien, however I have already made an arrangement with Lars for his G25 so I think I'm going to stick with that. I do appreciate it though.

    I'm gonna run and see about doing whats on that site before the race today, and hopefully it fixes it!
  8. Man, the step up from MOMO to G25 is pretty big, you are going to love that wheel.
  9. Well the tape, grease, and glue fix seems to have done the trick so far. I ran 35+ laps and it did what it was suppose to, and hopefully it will stay in good condition and working right until I can save a bit for Lars wheel.

    The coolest part is during practice I only crashed once in the hairpin due to my own fault...hehe Tried to take it a bit to fast...

    How crappy is that to say. "woohooo I crashed because of my own fault"... hahahaha
  10. Even the fastest guys crash because of their own fault :D

    If you never crash then your not even close to the limit imo. You need crashes to know where the limit ends lol.
  11. Well I hope I don't curse myself here but the little fix seems to have worked. At least for now! I ran the star mazda for a while, then about 40 laps in practice today, and the full race with no brake problems. WOooooHOooooo!
  12. +1 - precisely
  13. I'm running the Momo black FFB and I'm convinced there is something weird going on with this wheel and pedals. I must have run several hundred laps at Laguna this last week and the best I could do was a 1:45.2. I watched numerous others as they turned 1:41 and 1:42 and I was taking exactly the same line and hitting the same corner and exit speeds they were. I'll be the first to admit when I'm slow or dont know a track but somethings gotta be up. BTW...my connection is fine(though wireless) ...my pings are usually 33-66 range. Maybe there is lag from packet loss I am not detecting??
  14. Chasing Flavien around yesterday I matched him for most of the track and in the corkscrew is where he got away from me. I'm not exactly sure what his exit speed there is however he pulled away from me as if he was doing twice what I was. So I can imagine alot of it is coming from there. Although with the wheel I too have noticed that sometimes things just don't seem right. I could hit a certain time one day and then next it was an all new animal. I would go reset the wheel and recalibrate it and I was back on track. Another thing to keep in mind is once I found a nice feel for me in the calibration I would take note what numbers where coming up then try to match them back up.
  15. Thanks for the info Joe. Yeah I noticed that at the corkscrew too. I noticed the pedal thing changing everytime I restart the computer so I have been calibrating everytime but like you said I notice differences in the steering especially. That corner before the long climb to the corksrew seems to change every day for me . I just cnat find a brake point and turn in that seems consistent. I thought I had it nailed one night and the next day the same brake point and turn in threw me completely wide----I know I need more practice but I think i need to ditch this wheel asap and get the G27. Unfortunately, money is tight right now!!!
  16. are you speaking of the turn to the left before the hill to the corkscrew? If so I do not brake there at all, I let off the gas a bit but I don't touch the brake there.
  17. Yes thats the one and no, I mispoke, I dont brake there either, just a lift and a quick turn in.
  18. I dont know if this could help but, in one lap...
    Out of the first corner (hairpin) I shift into 3rd at 16.7s
    Existing the second right corner, I shift into 3rd at 33.8/33.9s
    After the left corner, going uphill, the front of my car should level with the rumble strip on the right side @ 48.2s
    Then after the corkscrew, I should get into 3rd gear @ 1:10.500 or less if possible
    Finally, last corner I should get into 3rd @ about 1:35.400 or less, but I might be mistaking about that last corner... Dont remember exactly...
  19. And Paul, post a replay if you have one, it could help seing where you loose time (if you drive the roadster)