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gearing ratio's problem?

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by foxman, Jun 11, 2010.

  1. hi guys dont know if this is a problem or not but in the 09 mod my gears in short shift were very close,but in the 2010 mod my short shift is longer than normal,for example in the stage usa frazier wells it takes a while for me to get in 6th gear,only get into 6th near the end of the straight! in the 09 mod i was in 6th way before the end of the straight! i checked the settings was in short medium or long,it is set to short.Or is this the way it is????been talking to a few guys and they seem to be redlining in 6th when i never red line in that gear.Would like to know for sure from anyone in here.Thanks
  2. Which car were you driving, they all have a big variation in gearing??
    Some cars seem to have short gear set as default, but you should be able to change the gear ratio in the car setup, they all have short, medium, and long available.
  3. was using the 09 focus
  4. I tested the 09 Focus at Frazier Wells.
    Default gearing was short and I was redlineing very early. I could use long gearing easily on that stage and was still maxing the revs before the end of that long straight.

    If you can't max the 5th gear revs in short setting, then maybe you have something wrong there??
    Is it only that car?
    If not, maybe your controller needs calibrating.