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Gearbox setting with automatic gears

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Craft, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I've got a problem with my gearbox-settings: I have to use it on auto, cause I'm much slower with manual (I make too many mistakes while shifting). But on auto it shifts often far too late, so that the engine-temperature goes into red. What can I do to avoid it?
    Hope someone can help me, thanks.
  2. Not sure that by using the automatic option has anything to do with it going and hitting the rev limit. I think it is just something that happens. I felt the same way and used the auto shift, but I have gone to the manual now and it is a lot better. i noticed that the corner braking is totally different. I can go deeper into the corner, because with the manual shifting it really does help. In the auto mode, I don't think you get the true engine brake that you get when you do it yourself.
    As for being slow, it just takes practice and more practice. I also go to the F1 site and watch their video's on a lap around each track. It gave be the points as well as the gear that they use and I went from there. I found that I sometimes was going down one gear to many and it has helped.
  3. Agreed, i only use manual (g27 wheel ) and i noticed a massive difference. not only is there better car control they is less tire wear and i use less fuel.
    i suggest sucking it up and get used to it, its so much easier when you get used to it.

    heres a couple of vids i made watch on the first corner how deep i can get in and the recovery of Alonso pushing me into a spin


  4. That's a huge difference to my driving, but you have also the advantage of a wheel. I'm just using a pad (Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2, old but still good :D). I think I'll try a bit with manual shifting, maybe I'll get used to it.

    Other question, which mods do you have installed? You are driving a virgin, but not in standard design, also your interface is different. And made the Force India in the second vid a mistake or why was he turned around?

    @ TR6speed: What du you use, pad or wheel?

    Thanks for the answers.
  5. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    Nice race Chris.. great job avoiding that car spun in the middle of the track.. don't know if I would have been able to avoid that as it happened so quickly!! Bet you were pi$$ed at that last lap spin losing you 6th place.... seemed to lose a lot of grip on that last lap or were you just over pushing it?
  6. I am using an older Momo Racing Wheel.
  7. @ craft - Yeh ive modded a few skins for my cars and ive got the RD HUD TV Style

    The force india if you replay the vid spins infront of us out of shot and he just sat there waiting for us to go past, I was lucky and i recon having the wheel helped me avoid it as it so direct (my settings anyway ).

    As for the last lap, i just pushed too hard and had reduced grip, it happens eh.

    Try and get use to the Manual shifting as it will help, i normaly have a look at the official F1 site www.formula1.com/video/onboard.html

    I see how the pro's address the lap with respect to gears, and corner entry. i always used to struggle at silverstone the pack just used to leave me for dead after the main straight, until i watched Hamilton lift down shift and then plant it again. Its TRICKY but after practice ( not in TT as thats 100% grip and not like a race).

    Thanks for the comments on the Vids
  8. I'll trained with the manual gears, but till now I'm making too many mistakes, so that I mess up most of the corners and lose about 5 seconds on a round (in montreal). Probably it would be easier with a wheel, I have to think about buying one...
  9. Well i use a G27 and love it, there are cheaper options but thats down to you....