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Gave oval a shot...

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Joe Hubbard, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Well I gave oval racing a shot the other night and have been doing it for about two days now in the legends. It would seem that the best odds of getting through a race is to have been the best at dodgeball in school or something...hehe I have managed to get myself up to the higher class of drivers and it's gotten alot cleaner but a lot faster. I've won two races, a few top fives and sure it's fun but I think I'll be sticking to road racing. I already have a 3.90 rookie oval rating but I just want to wait for the showing of the next season for the skip before I buy the car and all the tracks that I'll need. From there my plan is to go to Star Mazda, Indy, and then on to F1. What cars/tracks did you guys build yourself with and do you race both oval and road series?
  2. I own all the road cars except the Jetta & the Lotus. In hindsight I could have done without the Ford v8, dallara, and the SR8. I own all the road racing tracks, that makes it really easy to jump into any series as long as you have the car. I do race the ovals as well, not as much as the road side but it can be fun. Oval cars that I own are the late model, the sk, and the trucks. I'm slowly building up my oval track database. For ovals I race the truck mostly, it's alot of fun, always a full grid and pretty challenging trying to get that box to turn at 180 mph. I have an A license in road and a C in ovals. The trick for me is trying to find a balance. It ususally takes me most of the week to feel good enough with a car/track combo to race, with that said it is hard for me to race in multiple series each week. I try to race 3 series a week, star mazda, grand am and the truck series. When the other series race at tracks that I like then I will try to jump into those aswell. Like this weeks it's road america for the vettes, I love road armerica so I will be there for the 11:00am Sunday race. Anyone else?
  3. I mostly drive road, but also from time to time having fun in oval, as William said trucks are very fun to drive but also B and A class Chevy on superspeedways and speedways > 1,5 mile
  4. Well I had gotten my D rating on oval last night and I'll have to say it was way easier than getting the D on road...lol... However if I go buying both road cars/tracks and oval cars/tracks right now my wife may shoot me and I'll have to borrow someones couch...hehe
  5. Im about to give Oval a go over the holidays, ive only been at the Road on iRacing for a week or so and not done that many races so my SR is at like 2.95 due to a lot of idiots in the MX5's.
  6. I have found that once you get your irating over 1800 or so you get into a new "class" of drivers and most of them are pretty clean. Just make sure you qualify to be at the front or as close to it as possible. It seems that every race that I have been in that if you start at the back it gets really crazy and people just get stupid. But if you are in the top 5 places you seem to have to worry more about yourself instead of the other drivers so much.
  7. anyone tried some oval with the superstock? seems like alot of fun. i need to get my oval license going. i wouldnt mind trying the trucks. A road, Rookie oval :p