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Gap to opponents

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Neville Roberts, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Neville Roberts

    Neville Roberts

    Hi All,
    I've selected show gap to opponents in options but it's not working. Is there some trick to it?
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  2. There's an app inside the game called Live timing or similar, which shows gap to opponents.
  3. Neville Roberts

    Neville Roberts

    Thank you,
    I found Leaderboard and real time in the icons on the far right of the screen,so I'll have a play with them.
    I thought all I had to do was select it in options.
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  4. xnorb


    But it needs to be said that the gap dispaly is the most useless thing in simracing history.
    Well, R3E is a tough competitor for that award, tho.
  5. In AC or the fact that gap timing for opponents exists?

    If you're referring to the bottom bar with F9 shortcut.. but there's a Real Timing app natively in the game that shows this info differently, not by sectors/lap, and also shows yours and some opponents lap times.
  6. xnorb


    Yes, that's what i'm talking about.
    The only timing app i ever found in AC.

    Will have to take another look as it seems.
  7. Is called Realtime, below the Pedals app.

    Solo it doesn't show much besides your lap times, but in a Race you can see opponents in front and behind you, and with a time gap.
  8. xnorb


    Oh wow, Kunos never fails to surprise me.
    So i enabled the Real Time plugin and took the car for a spin in a quick race.

    So after crashing and fiddling around with the plugins while on track (because Kunos doesn't want us to change any settings when we aren't actually racing) i was able to witness the most ridiculous thing i've ever seen in AC.

    So coming out of the last corner and blasting down the S/F straight the gap to the guy in front of me drops vom 24 to 11 just to shoot up to 30 after T1. I don't know how this Real Time thing works, but it's laughable at best :)
  9. So initially you gained on him on the straight, then the gap increased because he pulled away again after turn 1.
    The gap time numbers weren't correct with the distance on track between the cars? Can you quickly video record it next time?
  10. xnorb


    I don't believe it's just on my end.
    Start race as last, give them 40 seconds head start and then watch the times when on S/F straight after lap 1.
  11. If I let opponents drive and I remain on grid at race start, the gap numbers go crazy high. Then as I start driving they decrease and when I go at normal race speeds the gap normalizes completely.
    Then when they pass me 1 lap, some opponents have positive gap and some negative gap, because some are ahead and some behind.

    The only thing needed in this situation is colors for the gaps to tell you who's ahead in laps and who you are ahead of in laps.

    But other than that (being stationary with your car), the Realtime app works as it should.
  12. It uses lap 1 to guess how long you'll take to drive any given sector of the track (well more specifically it uses your previous laps, but on lap 2 it's only using lap 1), if you screw around on lap 1 you'll screw up the guesses. For example, it thinks that you stop for 40 seconds on the front straight so it guesses that you'll lose 40 seconds there on lap 2 also. In more equal conditions (both driving as fast as possible) this is the most accurate way to get reasonable gap estimates during actual mistakes (if a car slows down, your gap can immediately narrow, whereas if it just used 'relative times you hit the current sector' it'll take a couple seconds to react). The only better option is what iRacing does: allow no modding, preprogram sector times for every car and every track.
  13. i just use ptracker. its so much more useful and well laid out compared to the one kunos use.