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Gamer tag list

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Matthias Devisch, Dec 17, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    after trying a few times to race online, I gave up.
    You got 4 ways to finish the race: hitted left, right in the back or up front:mad:

    Maybe there are some of you with the same frustrations, so I thought maybe make a list here with users who wants to share their Tag and have more chance on a cleaner race.

    See if this works ;)


    Matthias Devisch----matthias 777
    Mark Vicars---------qquenchh

    Ivan gjorgjievski-----Ivan Gj
    Fahad Gaffoor-------vyrush
    Andrew Bortz-------ELITE Razarar
    David Kaye---------David Kaye
    Chris Marschall- ----C4RBON BL4CK
    Dutch De Jongh-----RTCDutch


    Keith shew----------Sgt DAD24
    Fahad Gaffoor-------vyrush
    Google Roflz---------Google Roflz
  2. PC

    Ivan Gj
  3. My gt for xbox Sgt DAD24
  4. go to the racing club.. you can find races for different platform.. and they are really good..
  5. Problem for me with the clubs is: I never know when I'm gonna get online. So it would be better to add some friends from here and when i get online I can race them. I play PS3 but hoping that my current laptop breaks down soon, so I can buy one that is good for gaming. Then i wouldbe able to spend some more time on racing.

    Edit: not that much races organised for ps3 as well.
  6. alright..
  7. Add me qquenchh PS3
  8. Andrew Bortz

    Andrew Bortz

    Add me

    ELITE Razarar (PC)
  9. xbox 360 GT : Google Roflz ... lvl 50 pretty good :) lookin for fast clean racers xD
  10. my id is my name so add me if you like PC I pop in and out rather randomly due to testing but I will race if I have time !
  11. add me i prefer clean races
  12. add me too

    PC - RTCDutch

    Im not a very good racer but try to keep it as clean as possible
  13. Added ;)
  14. Add me, I have f1 2010 for PS3

    GamerTag: PAT_MELIA
  15. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper
    Premium Member

    I know what you mean. I have enjoyed my week or so of online racing and have had some really good, fun races but have also experienced idiots that try to barge you out of the way when you make an overtake attempt, use your back end as a brake and constantly dodge left and right in front of you when it is clear you are faster and are going to overtake them. I also had a race at Montreal on Sunday where several of the cars were completely ignoring the chicanes and the first and third turns and just speeding over the grass... I assume that is because penalties were turned off which I had not noticed before the start. Ironically despite this I still finished ahead of them and went past them with my virtual middle finger up in the air *lol*

    You can add me too. I am not quick in any way shape or form but I enjoy the racing, never drop out just becasue I am not not up at the front and I try to keep it clean and fair at all times.

    Gamer Tag: Hammerpgh