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Game Update?

Discussion in 'DiRT Rally' started by Benedict Venturini, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Benedict Venturini

    Benedict Venturini
    Benedict Venturini

    I cant seem to play the game at the moment (07-12-2015)
    When i get onto the main menu it says theres a newer version of this game etc

    But steam isnt updating anything and i cant find any update for today, anyone having the same issue?
  2. Mark Sheepwash

    Mark Sheepwash
    To finish first, first you have to turn up...... Premium

    I will check tonight but the website has changed and been updated and it says Dirt Rally out now so implies they've done a full release.........
  3. steam wont update for another few hours
  4. ouvert


    at this moment I`m just hoping they fixed error 41 .. had 96 minutes in a game, than update happend and till then no joy for me, just checing after every update if it is fixed .. :)

    EDIT . nope, game is still not working, fresh install to empty drive
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2015
  5. Benedict Venturini

    Benedict Venturini
    Benedict Venturini

    So i just checked and now theres an update... 10.5gb

    have fun lads :D
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  6. I was going to ask if that means that Pikes is the only Hillclimb in the game.....

    But then I remembered it's 2015......

    DLC pretty much inevitable?
  7. No DLC planned AFAIK Won't be any other hill climb routes, that's a definite
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  8. Well, that made me cry a little bit. Have to admit I had/have high hopes of them announcing some DLC in the coming months.
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  9. With this release the game is fantastic. Superb, brilliant and quite possibly the best sim game that Codemasters have ever made. I love it. For me the FFB is some of the best I have ever used and the physics are wonderful. This is a superbly made Rally sim.
    Well done CM.:thumbsup:
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  10. Why a definite no to hillclimbs?

    Seems a waste to have an entire game mode with only 1 track. (and not a great variety of cars).

    Also, only 3 Rallycross tracks, the official calendar has 8 or 9.

    Smells like DLC to me.
  11. But yes, can finally agree with Andy. It is the best Sim codies have delivered
    (though that depends if we're counting TOCA1 as a sim, cause if so, that was the best thing since sex tbh).
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  12. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Don't think so, I do however think, that there might be an official World RX game in the future.
  13. couldn't agree more. it's the game that really hooked me on tintops and opened up whole new vistas (getting carried away here, sorry).

    adding to andy's post: the replays have become so much better! i found myself yesterday watching both stages i tested in sweden full length in replay and tempted to give it a second replay run, even.
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