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Game Stockcar and verhicles upgrades

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Franklin Stegink, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Hello,

    I have a question.
    In the game rFactor you can buy upgrades for your verhicle.

    I have figure out that when i install a converted rFactor mod and place it in Game Stockcar, that you can't buy upgrades with the standard GSC menu.

    When i put a rFactor menu in it i can buy upgrades, like other rims and ffb upgrade.

    In the future this will also be possible with the GSC menu?
  2. ouvert


    I don`t think there is a place for that in this game ... thankfully
  3. "Buying" thing in sims...heretical..;)
  4. Well, heretical as it seems, there's a good reason for this to be available: mods.
    Several mods relies on "buying" things, like 100% realfeel ffb or h-pattern, heel&toe/no autoblip clutches, to mention a few. Other things are more "cosmetic" like different set of rims, etc.
    I solved this by installing the xUI interface. Besides regaining the ability to adjust car components "on the fly", with this interface is *way faster* to select a class and adjust things before racing (remember how many seconds do you take to go from F3 to karts or V8 in the original interface? not anymore! :) )
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  5. ouvert


    a could count to 3 .. so somewhere between 2.5 - 3.5 seconds :)
  6. This is the time that my game takes to switch between every car mod, now that I have a load of mods here. :) Not to mention that sometimes I forget which is the best direction (fastest) to turn the "carrousel" to go from one car to another. With xUI, all you have to do is click once in a list of all types, like the "all mods" section.

    For those thinking why not just let in the "all section" cars, I explain: I dunno why, but when hosting races, to avoid mismatches, it is better that the player being the server be at the specific page (screen) of the mod he/her intends to host.
  7. ouvert


    trick is to be on page with all classes/modes and just scorll through them ...
  8. For single player, yes, but not if you want to host a race, otherwise, you'll get all sort of disconnections from your peers due to different reiza14.rfm file (provided you included your mods in the "all cars" section, of course).