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Game Stock Car/G25 Problem

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Tristan Clark, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. Hey there guys,
    I have an issue relating to Game Stock Car 2012 and my Logitech G25 Wheel. I have never had an issue with the wheel when playing rFactor, GTR2 or any other game, however after installing Game Stock Car 2012 last weekend I'm having a recurring issue with the game and I'm not sure what is causing it. Basically I haven't had any issues setting up the wheel in the game and it all feels good. However, while racing, there are momentary losses of connection (no more than about 2 seconds) where the steering wheel just seems to cut out from the game. After about 2 or 3 seconds, it all links back up again and it fixes itself. This seems to happen a couple of times every 20 minutes or so of racing. Obviously I can't really play the game while this is happening, so any help at all would be very much appreciated! ( I should also mention that I have been playing rFactor as well since I have installed Game Stock Car, and the issue has not occured while playing rFactor)
    Thanks guys
  2. Have you checked if you have steering help turned on?
  3. Thanks for the reply Adrian,
    Yes I have double checked and Steering Help is definitely turned off. I'm really not sure what is causing this, but it is pretty annoying!
  4. have you got the latest Logitech Gaming software installed? Maybe obvious but thought I should suggest :)
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Try to disable the logitech profiler thingy complely and run the game without. Maybe you have some conflicting buttons assigned.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion Keith, I do have the latest software installed though!

    And Bram, I'll make sure to try that and report back to you. Thanks a lot guys
  7. +1 here with my G27. However its only happened 3 times to me in total of numerous hours playing GSC but its very annoying.

    I have also never noticed this in other similar games like rfactor.
  8. I'm having problem with my G25 aswell. But not exactly the same as OP and happened first time today, bought the game last Sunday. I left pits and all the sudden it felt like logitech profiler stopped working in game. Noticed this because steering went very stiff, I have 65% strenght in profiler and 100% in game settings. Also the sync with cockpit wheel went totally off. Had to restart the game to get it working again. Might be good to mention that when I exit the game logitech profiler was running perfectly well.

    Never happened before with any other sim.
  9. I disabled the logitech profiler program as you suggested Bram, however unfortunately it didn't fix the problem.

    I played for about twenty minutes before it happened this time. Interesting to hear that other people are having this trouble. We must be missing something!
  10. Maybe have a go at uninstalling your motherboard USB drivers and reinstalling the latest.
    Make sure your wheel is in a primary slot rather than a hub slot.
  11. After playing several hours during past few days, I'm happy to say that no problems, like I posted earlier, at all. So seems like it was just a hickup.

    Hope you get yours sorted tristan.
  12. Still no luck guys! Any other ideas?
  13. FIXED IT!

    For anyone having similar issues (I doubt anyone else made this mistake), the game automatically loads the "Digital Gamepad" profile every time I restart the game, and I hadn't realised this until now. To fix it, I just have to load my G25 profile and its all good. (I feel very stupid)

    Thanks to all who helped. Can't wait to play this brilliant game and race with everyone!
  14. I made 3 profiles for G25, H (mini classic camaro), sequential (F3 stockV8) and pad (Reiza) gear and when I restart the game I have the last one used