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Game save stuck at monza

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Lenard Schaeffler, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. here is a new one for you, my game save is stuck at monza, I ran through it 4 times now each time getting a few races past it, but when I turn the game on after turning it off and shutting the computer down I am right back at race day at monza, love the track and all, but getting a little sick of racing it.

    any help would be appreciated

  2. I had a this happen at Melbourne before i restarted, i would do 2 races and when i loaded F1 2010 i would be back at Melbourne. I figured because i play a lot online it might be that, so i did a race before going online and that fixed the problem for me. Now i don't go online before doing any career races, it might not have been what fixed my game but it seemed like it was.
  3. wasnt an online issue, because I never play online, but luckily I backup every time I turn the game off, so I have monza saved at the beginning of practice, going to overwrite and cross my fingers. thanks
  4. I just really screwed it all up, I took my backup saves, deleted the entire game, installed the 2011 conversion then re-entered my save games, so my mclaren offer is off the table for some reason, but other than that the game is running fine
  5. so what do you do if that doesnt work?