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game performance

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by da_face, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Hi,

    My System :
    6 Core Phenom II @ 3 GHZ
    GTX460 1 GB
    4GB Kingston HyperX 1333
    Windows 7 64Bit

    I just reinstalled my System and add the Patchfiles only, Save Fix, KI Mod, Tires and Lightning Mod from RDDEV, Puddel disapearing and 6 Core patch from Codemasters.
    Benchmark isnt Working anymore and I get 25FPS in Training. My GK load is at 50%, GK Ram at 50% (90% in DX11), my CPU load at 20%, and RAM at 50%.

    Is there any way to get the Game playable?
  2. Yes, uninstall and re-install and do not install the patch. The patch ruins the whole game in many ways.
  3. Or just don't use the CM Puddle Fix.. It literally halves your FPS. Without it i run 55 FPS, with it i run 27 FPS.. If you use the latest trueweather from RDev you don't need the puddle fix anyway.. For me the patch improves the game ALOT and is absolutely essential, the puddles however are not.
  4. Does this cover in all version(Xbox 360 version)?

    Is it wise to install the game to my hard drive on my xbox 360?
  5. Except without the CM Fix I don't get the drying line or rubbering in, otherwise I agree. Track still looks somewhat wet with the Ultra Weather mod without CM fix, but then I had pulsating puddles in Heavy rain anyway but dry looking track in light rain. After Ultra weather mod, even light rain track looks "wet" (just no standing water puddles). I have now abandoned the CM fix in order to get consistently smooth frame rates. For some reason any frame rate below 50 looks stuttery in this game (have HD 5970 which is dual GPU which probably doesnt help the stuttery effect even at relatively high frame rates) on my rig so I need to keep it above 50.
  6. Thank you, the Framerates are much better, without the Puddle Fix. Stuttering solved via access rights to the replay file. Now the Game crash to Desktop.
    I dont know if this was only once, i just give the Game a try, once a day and play something diffrend, when i have problems :)
  7. I use the the patch with the CM puddle fix and force DX9. no problems. If I enable DX11 (Geforce GTX 460) then the FPS drops occur (noticable)
    As for the puddles, I thought they were non-essential until I stayed out on intermediate tyres for 2 laps too long at hockenheim... only to find that the car in 2nd place gained 4secs a lap on me - I lost the lead when I pitted. After that... I applied puddles fix and DX9. Have been playing ever since fine.

    Being able to see a drying line can make all the difference to choosing when to pit, as the radio engineer doesnt always inform you.
  8. Fully agree that's why its crucial to see a drying line.

    Anyone can tell me what I need to do to force DX9? Seen quite a few ppl suggest it but no idea how to go about it.
  9. Edit the hardware_settings_config.xml in dokuments\my games\formula 1\hardwaresettings change directx forcedx9="false" to "true"

  10. Does that fix your fps again (after CM's puddle fix has halved it)?
  11. No, i can play DX11, it takes 10fps, but 35fps are playable for me.
  12. We were talking about whether forcing dx9 fixes the framerate issue, after applying CM's latest patch halves your framerate.
  13. thx da face, forcing dx9 helped my framerate a lot (dont have CM puddle fix tho), but now I can record on board with fraps again, was too stuttery with dx11
  14. I've resolved the problem by moving the replay file on to my SATA2 external HDD + "read-only fix". Now it works superb..