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Game freezes on race start

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Rowin Kennedy, Apr 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I am having a problem at the moment, where the game crashes to the desktop during the race start. I'm not sure if it's a corrupted save, as the game loads fine, and everything works, up until the point where i start a race. The starting montage plays (where the camera pans over your competitors etc.) but when it flashes to your cockpit view, the game freezes, and I have to close the window.

    It's really infuriating as I'm doing really well in the championship (3rd in a HRT, up to Suzuka) and I have no backups of my save...

    I'm re-downloading the game from steam as we speak, but I'm not confident it will fix the problem... Any ideas?

  2. Any mods installed? Normally this only affects online gaming, but you never know!
  3. Only RealAI. I've had it installed from Race 1, and it hasn't been an issue until now...
  4. Just checking. Hmm, it seems that a lot of people hit problems with the game stability or corrupted save data when they reach Suzuka!

    Make sure your game is patched to 1.01 (I dont think Steam auto-updated mine so had to d/l from the Codies site) also check out the savegame fix in the Mods section of this forum.
  5. Thanks. I'll check this out if re-installing doesn't help. :)
  6. Well, once you have re-installed, its advisible to install the patch and fix as a matter of course.

    Good luck.