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G29 issues

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by Jamie McManus, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Apologies in advance if this specific topic has already been covered.
    I recently purchased a G29 after the demise of my much used G27. The is issue I am having is that I can't actually get any vehicle to move.
    The G29 is recognised by the game, all pedals/buttons are working fine in the control setup profile. When I exit the garage I can apply throttle, the engine revs as it should but I don't move even when in gear.
    I have removed my previous G27 profiles saved in documents to avoid any conflicts but the issue persists. I'm not particularly computer savvy and would appreciate any assistance.
  2. PicoBp

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    Just an idea, maybe double check the clutch mapping.
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  3. Will give it a go, thanks
  4. Worked like a charm first time, thanks PicoBp:)
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  5. Lol had same issue chap same wheel, thought it was speed limiter.

    Make sure you have the latest build of the logitech profiler too or the FFB pulls left/right when turning.
  6. Yeah mate got latest profiler and all good. Cheers.