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G27 users, please help!

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Cássio Amary, Mar 17, 2013.

  1. Hi there. Two days ago I bought a G27 and promptly fired up AC to test if everything was ok. Turns out I believe something is not ok..I think so, but it´s worth noting that I´ve never had a FFB wheel before, so I´m not sure.

    Now, I am aware that apparently G27's have some kind of ''cracking'' noise as it vibrates when going over kerbs, bumps, off-track etc. At least that was what I read about it.

    On the video I´m making little donuts on the grass, and while like I mentioned I was aware that would be some vibration noise as I was off-track, problem is this noise specifically happens only when I turn my wheel to the right. Turning to the left and making the same donuts on the grass like on the video makes a lot of vibration, but no noise like this. It´s not a mounting, or table issue as it only happens turning to the right.

    I found out that taking a right turn too fast and losing grip, the wheel vibrates and makes the same cracking noise as I´m turning to the right.

    I´m using the recommended FFB settings posted by the devs on AC tech forum.

    Simracers using G27's or anyone with knowledge on the matter, could someone give me an insight? Tryng this wheel on Dirt3 it seems that the thing will fall apart any minute as it vibrates like hell and make the same noise while making fast turns to the right. I´m started to get worried. Thanks a lot!
  2. I can't hear it too well in the video but it does not sound right to me. I have had my g27 for a few months, the ffb can certainly rattle, but your description that it only does it in one direction is a bit worrying. I think I would return it or contact logitech support for advice.
  3. Just tested the same thing in AC and mine certainly doesnt sound as loud as yours does..
    Allso the fact that one side is WAY louder then the other would have me a little worried aswell.

    Try setting youre Profiler to lets say 85% effects, when doing so is the rattling noise at an acceptable level?

    And yes Dirt has a lot of vibration! and personaly i turn down a lot of the effects cause im worried about the wheel falling apart aswell. I tend to use 85% (sometimes higher) myself.

    But tbh if mine made that much noise, idd prob return it and ask for a new one.
    Logitech replaced one of mine aswell when the wheel started to come loose .. No questions asked.
  4. It is difficult to hear but when I was playing GT5 (rally) with the G27, it made te same noise, as far as I can tell. It's the helical gears of the G27 that you hear.

    Make another video and hold a microphone very close to the steering wheel.
  5. Well i used headphones when listning to his vid and to me this doesnt sound right.
    Allso our wheels should make about the same noise right? Mine doesnt have this behaviour in AC where one side is significantly louder then the other ..

    My feel is he got unlucky and ended up with a faulty one. But ill shut up and let others make there verdict :)
  6. You can turn on the inputs app, and see the FFB there. Turn it down until it stops clipping, see what happens then.

    But yeah, I'd expect it to be symmetrical.
  7. Sorry about that, could not really make it louder with a video format because of my phone, but tried to make a little easier to hear just uploading the sound with a mic closer to it. See if it´s a bit better to hear:

    I will try to do that and report the results here. Thanks.

    EDIT: Tried it, the FFB on the input stopped clipping but the noise kept exactly the same.

    Also, with my testings I can feel the vibration on the wheel equally from moving to both sides, it shakes pretty much balanced, but this annoying noise only when turning to the right..
  8. So you turned down FFB and still so much noise!? would drive me nuts eventually ..

    Yes there supposed to make some noise, but thats just a bit to much.. something seems off inside that thing. Fact that its one sided says enough for me. Just call up the store or logitech and explain the issue.. Shouldent be a problem to get another one.

    Get a good one and it will be a very nice toy for years to come

  9. I already got in touch with the guy who sold it to me. He would send me a replacement for sure, problem is it was imported far from here where I live, and I would have to pay shipment costs and stuff..not to mention that this one does have this noise ( which btw, I´m sorry, I said lowering ffb the noise stills the same, it does not, it gets a little better, but obviously I loose a lot of feedback in the process).. and the noise happens basicaly when I lose grip and force the wheel to one side, or on offroad racing (yeah, rally with this one is noisy lol), but with all the money I would have to spend, and after reading and seeing videos of A LOT of people complaining about noises on the G27 (sometimes after 2, 3 wheels to get a ''good'' one), and also the risk of a new one come with a worse problem, like alignment issues, or ffb not working at all.. I don´t know...Not very confident now! Spent so much money on this thing, after all positive reviews I read everywhere, some minor issues here and there, everyone saying "G27 this, G27 that", can´t believe everywhere I read no one complained about these kind of issues. Should have read the Logitech own forums extensively lol.

    I wonder if this noise could actually damage the wheel or just be annoying...guess no way to be sure.

    Thank you for all the replies so far!
  10. Hmm comparing it to mine it sounded wierd, but when browsing the web it seems youre not the only one to get this knocking sound when turning right ..


    Someone in that thread mentioned that "newer" models dont have this knocking sound, so i guess i was just lucky to get a quiet one.
  11. I believe this sound problem is caused by slack/misalignment in the helical gears and or up and down movement in the motor shaft.

    I think it was an issue with some of the early G27's and also something that can happen over time.

    It seems to be more noticeable when you introduce FFB effects that are shaky whilst under a constant force from the game and a constant counter force from the user.

    If it is what it sounds like then the only real options I can think of are

    1) Email Logitech they will probably replace it ( they are awesome with there products)

    2) DIY fix ( I think ages ago I came across a forum with someone that fixed this issue themselves will see if I can find the link ) obviously this will ruin warranty and it might be hard to pin down which issue is actually the issue with your wheel as I believe there are a couple of separate issues that can cause this shaking sound.

    Strangely this issue seems to be more a problem with early g27's where as G25s don't seem to have this problem. though I believe some early G25's did have an issue of overheating and some G25s can misalign over time / work themselves lose.

    Its always going to be hard to know if something is a real issue with the hardware design , a manufacturing issue , just bad luck or simply heavy usage.

    This video shows what causes the noise from the motor shaft shaking

    You can work out how to fix it from these images though its not very clear lol ( also not sure if this is even the same issue as you are having )

  12. Personaly i would call or mail Logitech and see what they can do first. Its brand new so it should fall under warrenty .. As for shipment cost idd say that would be for Logitech aswell. Its an expensive enough item to expect some quality and service from there side. And from experience i doubt you will run into much resistance.

    Only if my wheel was starting to behave like this after warrenty expires i might attempt to fix it myself.
  13. It sounds normal to me. Like I said. My G27 made the same noise when playing rally stages in GT5.
  14. 2 days old?

    Contact Logitech mate, they will probably replace it straight away!

    Doesn't sound like mine at all, but I have read they can come over time, due to lose motor(s)

    Logitech are REALLY good with the support they offer though!

  15. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Just wondering? Have you bolted the G27 from the underside or simply using the thumb clamps?
  16. Thanks for all the replies, I´ll contact Logitech and see if I can get a replacement. It will probably take a little while before I get a new one up and running, but oh well..I certainly prefer to wait than have product like this only few days after buying it!

    As soon as I get it though, I´ll post here with an update on the issue. Thanks again!

    Tried both ways. :)
  17. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Oh OK, I was just wondering if maybe you had used long bolts and they were causing a mechanical interference inside the G27.