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G27 settings

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Andy Bonar, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. There have been a few threads where people have indicated that wheel settings in rfactor/windows control panel can have a big effect on how fast you can drive.......
    Would someone be so kind as to post what they feel are optimal settings for this wheel and mod?
    I dont use real feel or any other mod like that, just standard rfactor settings.
    Ive never really played around with my main wheel settings in the game as I dont want to break anything, but the more I read about the subject, the more I wonder if Im not losing time because I have a poor setup.
    Any tips appreciated :)
  2. I always use realistic steering wheel settings depending on the car I'm driving... (Toby, shhhhhh)

    FFB: http://www.nogripracing.com/details.php?filenr=22840 (Follow the steps)

    Here's what I use for the WTM cars:

    Degrees of Rotation: 900deg

    Steering Lock: 24deg
  3. Cheers William, will give them a go :)
  4. These are the settings I use (and have perfected over a long period of time) and use for EVERY mod.

    360-380 degrees of rotation (depends on whether the mod needs quick reactions to save slides (lower rotation) or more gradual, sensitive input for better car control (higher rotation) but it's always in this window. WTM for example is 370.
    17 degrees of steering lock.
    30% x axis sensitivity.
    0% speed sensitivity.
    Exaggerate yaw 0%.
    Look ahead 0%

    Then I run about 65% of force feedback, with full effects, and in my logitech profiler I run 100, 80, 60, 0% as you go down the options (make sure you check/uncheck (can't remember which) the option which enables centering spring - also put the slider to 0 at the same time).

    TRY THESE! :)
  5. LOL Toby, you have the same steering ratio as a Formula 1 for 80's Touring cars :p
  6. Thanks Toby, will try those out too :)
  7. Tried yours out Toby, it does feel a lot better than what it was :D Dont know if I will be any quicker, but it certainly drives nicer than before.
    Heres what I have now.... have I missed anything?



    Thanks for the tips.
    Will give yours a go too William :)
  8. Yes but I don't have to move my hands on the wheel to save a slide :)
  9. Uncheck "enable centering spring in Force Feedback Games" in the controller settings, and also put head movement to 0%. :)
  10. Thanks again :)
  11. But that's all the beauty of car control :cool:

    You feel way happier when you catch a slide having to turn the wheel almost the whole way around in counter lock than just doing a little twitch :p
  12. Using Toby's settings, I now have to turn the wheel about 10 times more than before to make corrections :eek: So you can imagine the difference this is for me now ;)

    Its a vast improvement to the realism for me... should have looked at it ages ago i guess!
  13. Use whatever you're comfortable with, but my settings have been developed over a 3 year period, during which I was almost constantly tweaking them.