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G27 saga, bad luck or what?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by function9, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. So, I started play RBR on the computer last November and since that time I've been through 5 wheels so far. I don't know if I'm unlucky or what. Here's a post I made a few months ago on another forum about the wheels up to that point:

    To continue where I left off, the 4th wheel seemed fine, but a few weeks ago the brake pedal would register in Windows and in games that it was depressed what looked like 5-10%. At least in RBR it didn't seem to affect actual gameplay, though it did make trying to change controls a challenge. The final straw for that wheel was the right hand paddle shifter started missing clicks. I mean it would click, but not always register in game. So that got sent back last week. Now I just received a replacement the other day, and right out of the box it's making a clunking noise, different from the 3rd wheel:

    With my limited understanding, mechanical devices don't make random noises, there's always a reason. If this is making a noise it shouldn't right out of the box, something isn't right. So, what's going to happen to it after being used for a few months? Doesn't give me a lot of faith in the wheel, so this is getting sent back, just waiting for the shipping label from Logitech.

    Has anyone else had this many problems with the g27? I see people talking about how they've been using the [same] wheel for years now and it's perfect. I don't get it. Has their product quality really dropped off the past couple years?
    I don't abuse the wheel, I don't jerk it all over the place, I try to keep my movements as smooth as possible. My settings in Windows and in game I don't think are out of the ordinary. I just don't get why I'm having such bad luck.

    One other thing is this last wheel was a newer one, or at least in the newer box. They really messed up something with the spring for the brake, it doesn't feel much different than the clutch now.
  2. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall
    Premium Member

    Use logitech profiler to adjust, not windows. Then turn ffb down. It sounds high? In logitech profiler turn ffb down
  3. So, a bit over a year later and I'm now on my 7th wheel awaiting my 8th. This 7th wheel I've had for about 2 months now, problem is half the time it calibrates it won't find dead center. I can keep the wheel straight and on a flat surface the car just veers off to the right.

    Sure they're replacing it, but they're not fixing any of the problems. What bugs me is the complete lack of upkeep on their end. For example, I'm a big fan of their mice. While quality has dropped in that area as well, they're still good performers at a good price. They'll keep the same mouse going for years, but they might release a number of revisions over those years based on complaints/feedback. The mx518 had what 4 revisions? The g400 (with angle snapping)->g400 (w/out angle snapping, but cord prone to breaking and mouse buttons prone to stop working)->g400s.

    Yet the wheel gets put in a new box, with a new product code and longer warranty and that seems to be it. Why haven't they fixed this problem? http://f1-sim-racer.co.uk/index.php...im-racing-hardware/1342-g27-noise-problem-fix Why are they not using a metal encoder disc and fixing the problems related to it? http://www.jlvrh.de/G27_UK.htm (down near the bottom of the page) How does the plastic disc get damaged when nothing is touching it? Why are they not using a two stage spring for the brake?

    And I would really love for a company to have people on the phones that KNOW THEIR PRODUCT or the rare occasion of actually using it.
  4. well I just got my G27 recently not even a week yet and tbh something is not right with it I think the FFB is strange and at times its loud and worst of all is that when i press a button on the wheel at the windows properties window, instead of showing me different type of ffb effects all it does is turn all the way to the right now am not sure if this is normal for G27 but theres definitely something wrong with it my previous wheel which is Thrustmaster F430 FFB didn't have any issue's and for some reason the build quality and ffb seemed better
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  5. That's some massive bad luck you've had! I thought the G27 was nearly immortal, but seems they are as prone to error as most other wheels?
  6. Frank

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I used to work in a store where I sold about 50 G27's, only 1 ever came back, we got it replaced but it had the same tick as your wheel. A few weeks later he was back again, with more issues. Again we got the wheel replaced, but it made me wonder, since it barely ever happened that those wheels broke. I asked the guy if he could show me how he handles the wheel, he made a movie, I than understood why the wheel broke down.
    So what I mean to ask is, are you maybe handling it a bit to harsh?
  7. Hi Frank,
    I never thought I did handle the wheel harshly. But if I may ask for you to take a few minutes and give me your opinion. I'd be happy if I had to correct something I'm doing as I'm really not fond of having an ongoing relationship with Logitech customer support.

    I drove this stage like I would any other time, didn't try to take it easy at all. So this would be typical of how it's used (lol, sorry for the breathing. I have a cold and the camera was right next to my head). I never try to fight with the wheel or wrench it back and forth. Basically all I play is rbr(w/rsrbr mod). I thought I posted my ffb settings, but doesn't look like it.

    Would appreciate any feedback you have if you think I'm doing something wrong. Thank you very much. :)
  8. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff Member

    I'm on my second G27 in 4 years now. And I bought a new one due to the potentiometer on my old pedals went nuts, and last time they got cleaned, it was my buddy who did it, and he managed to break the screw on one pedal, so it got stuck, so when the pedals started sticking again, I had no other choice than to buy a new set.

    And when I see how you drive, I should've bought a new wheel each week... Because my RBR driving is... Ye. While you don't see my wheel, you can see my input, it is not smooth, and I use force...