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G27 rFactor edition problem.

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Craig Johnston, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. I recently got a G27 wheel along which comes along with an edition of rFactor (where the shift lights work).

    As my rF install had a bunch of mods I didn't use I decided to put a clean install onto my pc using the new disk. Now when I load the game I get only 2 cars, the BMW07 and the dumpy Koni thing in the SR challenge. I've also installed enduracers mod with SP1 which doesn't show up on the series screen.

    There's also a problem with my tracks. Only Toban raceway and Nuerburg are available. All the usual default tracks are in the locations file yet only these 2 appear in the game.

    Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this?
  2. Pretty sure the G27 disk is only a demo ;)
  3. I actually thought that to myself last night but couldn't find the words demo anywhere on the disk or during the install :s
  4. You would get a timer on the demo, telling how many minutes you have left.
    I got a rF disk w/G27 and that was just a demo, so i had to buy the game.
  5. I got a full edition of the game when i got a G25.
  6. I got CD with G27 it was full! Full of Nipple marks on the disk- so I had to just throw it away luckily I kept my Orignal rF CD in PERFECT condition lol
    But as far as the RPM Lights I cant see them working on my G27 with rF !
  7. You can get the lights working on the G27, you just have to put a file in the rFactor directory. Can't remember where I got this file from though. Also the disk i got was a demop even though its not clear from the disk its a demo.
  8. Reinhard Berger

    Reinhard Berger


    i am totaly new in rfactor.
    i only have this game because i got new G27 and a disk with rfactor was in wheelbox too.
    is this is only a demo version??? i did already play much more then 1 hour and i did install teh aston and the C6 too and i can drive many (or perhaps all) cars in the game, but any i have to buy.
    it all looks like it is a real version of the game, i did read something with 1255 too in left down side.
    i did install the game in a friend computer (because my cddrive?? is dead), did copy it to my exterm hard drive?? and then copy in my D:, then i did download the nocd patch and it works.
    where do i see if this is a demo??? never see this if i load the game or during playing it??

    but my real question is a other question:
    do the XD mod (from gtr2,race07,gtl) do work in rfactor too?? and if yes, how and where to install this.
  9. "i did read something with 1255 too in left down side."
    Thats the full game you got there, no doubt.
    Mods are the backbone of rF, so lots of them out there.
    Install as per readme.txt file says in the Dl. or else it comes with a installer.
  10. Reinhard Berger

    Reinhard Berger

    yippie!!! full version for free then.

    thanks for quick and GOOD answear.
    i am totaly new in rfactor, actual i do make any copies of rfactor, and do leave one version totaly fresh, clean.
    actualy i have in my 2nd install any edition in plr. file and 2 mods.
    if i do watch the many mods. (no idea if in rfactor is same as in gtr2 that any mods. do not like other mods.) then i will for sure more rfactor installation.

    skuggi, do you know if xd works too in rfactos?
    actual i have something found where a hud mod and a mapplugin togethe is, but many things are in my screen then and it is for sure not this good as xd from yacko is.

    did spend already many times to get the button setting good in the wheel and all other wheel setting, many things to do in rfactor before you are ready to race.

  11. XD works. Just install it the same as in GTR 2. Drop the file in the main rFactor folder.
  12. Reinhard Berger

    Reinhard Berger

    ok, will try it again.
    i did "just for fun" install my xd. 2.1.4 i think in main rfactor folder, but if i did drive i saw no XD in screen.
    with XD on/off screen like in gtr2 nothing happens too.
    what can be problem perhaps??
    did make my 1st steps in rfactor yesterday, totaly greenhorn i am.

    edit: did not work, i did copy the d3d9 thing, to main rfactor folder and i have in game the "plugin active" (the G button)
  13. Make sure your Virus scanner doesnt block the file.
  14. Reinhard Berger

    Reinhard Berger

    no way i get this xd to work,
    there must be something little to do what i do not know.
    firewall is not problem,
    i did download the latest directx9.0c thing again and install
    no idea what can be?
    i can bite myself in the ass...