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G27 reassigned buttons

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by stevehaz_uk, May 30, 2012.

  1. I know this has been discussed before but G27 isnt long enough for a search and G27 buttons doesnt give anything...

    I recall that somebody has 5 reassigned buttons, 3 for the fuel mixes, and two for the Option/Primes, my problem is I havent got enough buttons!!

    Can anybody give me a complete keymap so I can see how the buttons have been reassigned. If possible could I also have the xml file that enables these buttons to be accessed by default on start up.

    Thanks anyone for help...
  2. @stevehaz_uk

    First off here's an over view of my g27 mapping.

    Wheel buttons:
    Left 1: DRS
    Left 2: Push to Talk Team mate
    Left 3: Fuel mix rotation
    Right 1: KERS
    Right 2: Car Status
    Right 3: Look back
    Paddles shift

    This is how I set mine up, you don't have to set yours up this way at all, but for the sake of simplicity I'm just going list how I did it.

    Step 1: Go into the game then go to your controls set up and view/customize controls. Find the "quick menu" assignments (default on the g27 is the dpad) and reassign these to key board keys - I used wasd but you can use any of them (buttons like ctrl, alt, delete, esc, f buttons, lock buttons should be avoided to ensure compatibility) W is assigned to up, A to left, S to down, D to right. now exit this screen and exit the game, make sure to save.

    Step 2: Ok now on to setting up your commands in the profiler. First open the profiler then go to Edit>Assignments>Commands

    The "Commands" dialog box will pop up, and you'll see a couple of empty boxes.

    Step 3: click on "New.." button beside the 1st box

    The "Edit Commands" dialog box will pop up with "New Command" typed and hi-lighted in the Name field, type something here so that you'll know what your command will be, I typed "Fuel mix 1 lean"

    Now click the options button (Record Command Options dialog box will pop up) and select "Record Pauses" then click OK, now back at the Edit Commands box, we're ready to record our macro. Click the "Record" button then type "d, w, s". you'll notice the length of time you held the key down and length between key presses is recorded. I held each key down for .1 seconds and waited .3 between each press, this seems to work well but you can try to go quicker if you want. (this may cause problems in game though as the quick menu isn't so "quick")

    Now you have you command for selecting the Lean fuel mix programmed, you can now assign this to any of the buttons on the G27, pretty cool.

    For the rest of the fuel and tire commands repeat step 3 using names of your choice and using these key strokes:

    "d, w, s" for Lean fuel
    "d, w, d" for Standard fuel
    "d, w, w" for Rich fuel

    "d, d, w" for Prime tires
    "d, d, d" for Option tires
    "d, d, s" for Intermediate tires
    "d, d, a" for Wet tires

    Now you should have commands for every option in the quick menu, you can now assign all of these commands to any of the buttons on the G27 by going to the main profiler screen and clicking a button of your choice, a drop down menu will pop up, hover over "select command" and a pop out menu will appear with all of the commands you've already recorded. But assigning every single command to a different button would take up 7 buttons, that's hardly useful on an already crowded wheel/shifter.

    Step 4: On the main profiler screen go to Edit>Assignments>Cycle Commands The "Cycle Commands" dialog box will pop up, this should look sort of familiar

    Click on the "New.." button and another box will pop up, type "Fuel Mix Cycle" in the name field, you should also see a list of commands you've recorded on the left

    Select the command "Fuel mix 1 lean" then click the "> >" button in the middle, do this for the other 2 fuel mixes as well. then click the OK button.

    Now you have a cycle command that performs the other commands you've already recorded in a sequence - 1 press will perform command 1, another press will perform command 2, another press will perform command 3, and another press will perform command 1 again.

    you can now go to your button of choice in the main profiler menu (button 23 for me) and click on this, hover over "Select cycling command" and select "Fuel mix cycle" you're now good to go, but you need to do something with the tire commands, because hitting the keyboard during a race might not be an easy thing to do.

    Step 5: I set up the different tire choices to diagonals on my dpad or as the profiler names it, POV 1. Click on this, hover over "select assignment" and click "New POV Assignment.." the menu that pops up is pretty self explanatory, just name it and assign the tire commands to the diagonal directions using the drop down box.

    You're good to go if you've followed all of these steps correctly, just go in game and test it to make sure. as always make sure to use the buttons on the shifter to start the game and navigate the menus so that the controls stay correct.
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  4. Excellent.. well written straightforward understandable... thank you very much for your time and effort., will be mucking about tonight!!
    One question - if I decide to make a "Cycle Command" for the tyres and then cycle through to the type I want at next pit, presumably that would work but just take a little longer?
  5. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Yes, that works too. I use a different setup than Inam on my G27, but the method is the same.

    I use 3 of my buttons (on the wheel) for fuel mix, as I change that quite often, I use a cycling command for the tyres. I can also use the keyboard too.

    Initially the cycle command went through 4 cycles, Options, Primes, Inters, then Wets. However, it takes time to cycle, and as Inam says, the quick menu isn't that quick.

    At the moment I have the one button (on my gearbox module), just cycling between Options and Primes, because the wet tyres are not used much in my races. In my case the keyboard quick menu is on the arrow keys, so I can still do any changes on those, like Right, Right, Down for example. My profiler macros mimic those 4 arrow keys.

    The upshot being that for Inter and Wets I use the Arrow keys, and for Options and Primes I cycle them on one button on the gearbox module.

    Edit: Tonight I have just changed the wheel button configuration. Instead of using 3 of the buttons for fuel, I cut it back to 2. One button for Lean, and one cycling button for Rich/Std. This means I can now bring the OSD Swipe (Status) control back onto the wheel, rather than being on the Gearbox. (For some reason my Status screen keeps switching itself off).

    I do miss all the available wheel buttons of my old Logitech DFGT, and having the DPAD on the wheel is great. I've got a brand new DFGT (warranty replacement) wheel right next to me ..... it's so tempting to use it sometimes ..... I'll have to put it on ebay to remove the temptation :unsure:
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  6. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Some great posts, Inam & Gnu. Added to the sticky. :)
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Thanks Tom :)

    I'll just add my current layout.

    Wheel buttons:

    Left 1: KERS (As I change gear up with the right paddle, I don't like KERS on the same hand)
    Left 2: Cycle Command: Fuel Mix Rich/Std <<<---- Done in Logitech Profiler
    Left 3: Single Command: Fuel mix Lean <<<---- Done in Logitech Profiler
    Right 1: DRS
    Right 2: Look back
    Right 3: Car Status
    Paddles Shift

    Button 17 (on Gearbox Module) Tyres: Cycle Command Options/Primes <<<---- Done in Logitech Profiler

    I edit the the G27 actionmap file (G27 Racing Wheel.xml) to set this up, though it can be done in game.

    In-game I clear the current functions (un-map), anything that is on a button I am going to use the Logitech Profiler to program (so there is no interference). I also remap the DPAD (up,down,left,right) to the keyboard Arrow keys. This does NOT stop the DPAD from working in the game menu system or in the garage etc. It just effects the in-race fuel and tyres DPAD functions.

    If you want, you can just remap the keys or buttons in the game settings menu.

    Personally I do the remapping in the actionmap xml file directly. I do this for one reason only, the crappy save/autosave system in this game. If the game crashes during initial boot, or when loading after pressing the START button, you HAVE to reboot the game using the keyboard, then re-select your wheel again. This also means that you have to remap any buttons that you have changed, as you lose these settings, you also lose the wheel sensitivity, dead zone settings etc.

    By mapping the buttons directly in the the actionmap file, whenever you get a crash, boot from keyboard and re-select your wheel, the actionmap file is re-read, and the button mappings are already done. Nothing more to do except for the sensitivity, deadzones etc. In my case I just add a 2% Brake deadzone, and I'm good to go.

    You just have to bear in mind that the actionmap file uses a number that is one lower than the profiler shows you. For instance :-

    Profiler Button 1 in the actionmap is Button 0
    Profiler Button 2 in the actionmap is button 1

    Crazy eh? People like starting at 1 but computers like starting at zero.

    So the top left button I use for KERS, which in the Profiler is shown as Button 8, is actually Button 7 in the actionmap file, like this :-

    <Action actionName="Enable KERS">
        <Axis axisName="win_con_di_button7" deviceName="046dc29b" baseCalibration="uniDirectionalPositive" deadZone="0" saturation="1.0" />
    It doesn't take very long to work out what buttons you want to remap, and saves any hassle after a crash.

    Keyboard Boot
    Select G27
    Set Brake Deadzone to 2%

  8. Thanks a ton! used most of it, didnt end up using the cycle feature, I wanted to use as many buttons as possible. but thats just my OCD talking
  9. Hey, thanks much for this Graham and Inam! Just got my G27 and thought I'd be paralyzed (after being spoiled w/ the DFGT buttons)... glad I found this.

    Some questions:
    1. Though this is for F1 2011, this might work for 2012 too. Upon starting F1 2012, I can use the 3rd Red gearbox button (Button 3) for Start, and Button 17 for Enter when selecting my Profile. But after selecting the profile, the keys in the menu revert to keyboard. So from hereon, all navigation have to be through keyboard... the gearbox Buttons keys (DPAD or any wheel buttons) no longer work. How do I fix this? Driving is no problem, only menu navigation.
    2. With your settings above, where do you assign Brake Bias?
    3. Can I assign commands to the gearbox shifters 1-6 (since I use the paddles)?
    4. Where can I find the default mapping of the G27 buttons for F1, for example, what button represents the Escape keypress by default?

    Thanks much! I'm still studying which mappings/placement of commands to apply for my use.
  10. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    MMMmmm difficult to answer this after 20 months and 2 games later. Though essentially all 4 games use the same files and methods (2010,11,12,13).

    There is no brake bias setting, because there was no brake bias adjustment in F1 2011, this game did have front wing adjustment though (one click up or down)

    I have never heard of anyone defaulting to keyboard after remapping, once the game has started. However if the method you use (as explained above), is to edit the actionmap file for the G27 directly, the you must start the game via the keyboard (enter key) after editing this file. You must not use the any button on the wheel to start the game. Once you have started via the keyboard (which automatically selects the KB as the default controller), you can then select your G27 as controller. This forces the game to read that edited actionmap file, with your new key/button mappings in it

    I don't use the Logitech profiler anymore in F1 2013 (though you can), I just leave that at it's default settings key/button map-wise (I just change actual wheel settings like force feedback, rotation, etc. in the profiler), I remap a few keys in game, and now use XPadder to program my buttons on the wheel and gearbox. The advantage of this is that XPadder is more flexible and allows you to program the manual gear stick, so now I have more options available for mapping. XPadder will work with any game in the series.

    There are a few default keys that cannot be programmed or edited in a file, I don't know all of them, but the ESC key is one of them (I am talking about in-game programming here). There is no reason that would prevent ESC being programmed to a button using Xpadder (or the logitech profiler), assuming you have a button spare.

    I am going to point you to a post I did for F1 2013, it is how I remap now, it is valid for any of the games. First I want to explain the picture in that thread, as shown below. It is a picture of Xpadder and how it is currently programmed (F1 2013)

    All the silver squares represent a button or switch on your G27, the ones that are blank are not not re-programmed, they are default in-game maps. All these button are replacing the quick menu (DPAD) functions when driving. The DPAD is double mapped in the game actionmap by default, it controls the quick menu (when driving), and the garage menu (when in the garage). This is why the necessary remapping of the quick menu (in-game) which we need, doesn't bugger up the DPAD functions when in the garage, because the actionmap file still contains the garage menu mapping.

    Note that in the other thread the quick menu is now programmed (because I like first person shooters too) to the W,S,A,D keys (in-game)

    So below ...........


    Top left 2 buttons represent the paddles (not programmed, default)

    The left 6 buttons represent the buttons the wheel itself (all 6 programmed)

    The middle 12 buttons represent the gearbox module (not programmed, default)

    The right 6 button represent the 6 forward gears of the gearstick (programmed)

    There is a 7th gear (reverse), but I don't consider that practical to use when driving, so it's not shown (it can be programmed though).

    The bottom right button on the wheel marked as Prime/Options is a special button, as it is the only one that uses a 'cycling command'. Rather than one button = one function/use, this one has 2 functions that cycle each time you press it. 1st time = Call for Primes, 2nd time = Call for Options, 3rd time = Primes ...... ad infinitum

    The six on the gear stick :-

    1st - Lean fuel mix
    2nd - Rear Brake Bias
    3rd - Forward Brake Bias
    4th - Balanced/Neutral Brake Bias
    5th - Call for Intermediate tyres
    6th - Call for Wet Tyres

    I did it this way based on what I use most often, they go on the wheel.

    Even on the stick, like a private car the G27 gearbox is biased for 3rd and 4th, you have to go through a gate (spring loaded) to get 1st, 2nd, or 5th, 6th. So just pushing forward and back is easy, I use forward and neutral brake bias more often, so they get 3rd and 4th gear. The rear brake bias is on 2nd because you have to pull back (to the rear).

    Anyway, here is the F1 2013 thread ...

    Last edited: Feb 23, 2014
  11. Thanks Graham. I haven't read it fully yet, but will do when I return later. Would it be possible to send/PM your xpaddercontroller and F1-2013 xpadderprofile files, w/c will lessen my editing to those I'd wish to change? I recently downloaded the free xpadder5.3 and will try them with your settings, because the settings I tried once didn't work.

    Is your Profiler minimized or totally not running? I can't do it totally not running because my wheel rotation goes back to 900 degrees (my global settings) and the game setting is not applied. I need game specific settings because of Assetto Corsa, and a few others.

    BTW, I solved the menu navigation issue by just setting 'Override Input Device Type' to Off in Driving Controls. Apparently it changed it to 'Steering Wheel or Gamepad' when I once played split screen w/ my kid (him using a 360 controller), w/c is when the problem started. That seems solved now.
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  12. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff Member

    Generally speaking you should always have the Override Input device set to steering wheel, because you get precise control via the wheel. Controller's with their imprecise (comparably) control, need to be damped to make them more usable for driving.

    In your case, the split screen game meant that not only did you need another override setting, it would appear that the controller became the default device alongside the keyboard.

    I always have the Logitech profiler running in the tray, because I use it to set rotation, force feedback etc. for all my games, like F10213, Assetto Corsa, GSC 2013, Formula Truck, DTM.

    As I cannot attach certain file types to this message, I will link you my files via a PM I am about to send ........
  13. Works great in 2012/2013, Graham. Just a few changes, including the clutch, and good to go! Thanks so much.

    BTW, set Override to Steering and some keys got solved too. :)
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