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G27 gear lever mounting ideas?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by R Soul, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. I recently got a new desk (http://www.homebase.co.uk/en/homebaseuk/walton-office-desk---oak-effect-118125).

    My old desk was more complicated, and I could use a sliding shelf to mount my gear lever:

    (I locked it in place using a brass bolt going down into a fixed piece of wood below: [​IMG])

    I'd like to be able to mount the gear lever in a similar position with my current desk (instead of being on the desk, it's towards me and then down). Here's a rough diagram of where I'd like it in relation to the desktop:

    Ideas would be welcome. I'm okay with DIY if it's wood. And I have a lot of particle board left over from my old desk. I'm not sure about screwing something to the underside of the desk because I'd be worried about it not being able to handle all the small stresses that occur while shifting. Some sort of clamp seems better. I've done a search but a lot of the ones I find are for specific wheel stands, or they don't extend backwards enough.
  2. Way back when, when racesimcentral was still THE place to go for modding info, someone had built a hollow post out of MDF to mount their G25 shifter on. It may have been pinned to their race seat, but I recall it was designed to be somewhat free-standing, maybe with a weighted bottom?
  3. Lazarou

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    You could use a piece of L shaped wood and then clamp it in place with your G27 clamps (no need to screw anything on the desk. I have done something similar but on a wheel stand pro.

  4. Thanks for your advice. I like the idea of using that L shape. I presume it's held in place by the wheel's clamps? That's a nice idea but there's still the matter of height.

    I happen to have a cabinet which is a little lower than the desk. If I pull open the top drawer I can clamp the gear lever onto it:

    It has casters so I can move it in or out as needed, but a combination of the casters not being great and the drawers being weighed down by clutter means it's quite stable when I'm changing gears. It's not quite as low as I was planning for but it feels okay so far. I suppose it counts as free standing with a weighted bottom.

    I'm still open to other suggestions of course.
  5. That's not the prettiest of solutions, but it looks very useable!
  6. Bump!

    It's not as good as I thought. I haven't done any sim driving for a while because my speaker's subwooofer left no room for pedals. I recently got a small adapter to bypass it, so now I can get the pedals in.

    The basic position feels good but it's prone to sliding around, so I'm going to have a think about an alternative.

    Something like a joystick bracket would be ideal, but it depends on whether or not I can attach the gear lever securely enough to stop it sliding.
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