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G25 profiler settings

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Ondrej Kapal, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    i want to ask for some quite great settings for RBR :) my is very well screwed :D
    thanks :)
  2. OK dont need anymore I found some from Aaron :)
  3. Well, since I had just made some screenies, here are mine anyway.

    Attached Files:

  4. I wanna ask if it's possible to make a poll, to see everybody who has a wheel wich onboard camera uses? For me is not very clear wich one to use it, on board, racing seat, middle, front bumper front hood? First without wheel I was using hangman camera, but now it doesn't feel right.
    I started on board racing seat, but now I see that front bumper is faster? :confused:
  5. I was using the cockpit in the N4 cars, but with WRC I found it almost necessary to drive from the bumper. Possibly adjust the view with camhack so that is sits on your hood, right before the windshield, is also an interesting option. Just use the view that suits you best :).
  6. do you know how the default onboard camera was in RBR in version 1.0?
    thats what I am using for all cars with CamHack
  7. I guess you need special permissions to post polls.

    Anyway, bumper view exclusively for me in RBR. Just can't get used to any other.
  8. I use a hood cam. I take the cockpit view where the camera is in the center of the car, then move the camera up a touch and then forward until I cannot see the wipers in the rain. If I get a hood in my face, I switch to bumper.

    I used to run bumper, but found with a little higher view I can see down the road a little better and being able to see the front corners of the car has helped me stay off the banks and out of the ditches.

    I don't like cockpit since I feel like I am driving while looking thru a keyhole.
  9. I doubt there is a consistent answer to this one, everyone has different preferences. For me, it varies depending on the car and how good the cockpit view is. Some cars have obstructed cockpit views, so that is where Camhack is very handy, then I do what Aaron describes, move the camera until I get a better view of the road.
    I doubt anyone with a wheel would use Swingman view (behind the car), it would feel totally unrealistic and difficult to get used to. The bumper view gives the best view of the road, but it is much easier to hit banks etc because you don't know where the edges of your car are.

    Again though, to each his own.