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Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by warok, Jan 16, 2012.

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  1. Wow! thank you!
  2. Nice car and painting - it looks fantastic!
    I wish I wouldn´t have already set myself on the Toro Rosso for our league. Maybe there's still a chance to change:)
    Thank you for your work, warok!
  3. But to be perfectly honest, the paint is not 100% accurate.
    The size of almost all sponsor logos on the FW26 were in fact different / bigger
    as you can see in this picture


    Maybe there´s a chance for an update, warok? Please!?
  4. The probleme is that the aero of cars are tres different. If I keep(guard) the meme cut for BMW and Niquitin. he(it) will not be right(straight) and really stuck the one has the other one.
  5. If it´s not possible by the shape, then you made the best of it i think!
    But perhaps there is still some room for little improvement(s) :)
    Nevertheless it looks great in the game!

    One more question:
    Can you match the team clothing (drivers and pit crew) to this work/season 2004, as you can see here? Shoes and helmets were blue...

  6. I dont have the PC version but i still like looking at the mods. My all time favorite BMW livery, nice work :)
  7. I am really invalid(useless) in helmet and for the holding(dress), I do not have time in moment, 2 cars in preparation, a holding(dress) and soon cars 2012.

    I would try after both cars.

    And the car, which I modify uses the model of the williams not easy to juggle with 2 skins.

    Look at the last post of the part(party) Helmet and Skin requests.

    I do not set any more apply for them on the posts(post offices) of the others transport. A member(limb) my fact a reflection when I have to ask to post in the part(party) Helmet and Skin requests, me does not thus make an exception any more. And you can see, the
    modalities which I impose.

    @Dylan Hember
    thank you

  8. I see you have a lot of work to do or in progress, so that´s no problem warok!
    Thx anyway! ;)
  9. It is about personal work (2 cars and holding(dress)), you can always make your demand(request) for the holding(dress). It is just enough that you fills(performs) condition to ask and it is really not hard.

    And did not the last to post, which won the right to have its modification. I must be one of the few to see the only proposed my "talent" to the project staff.

    On the other hand I have only to modify held exciting, ever resumed(ever taken back) a holding(dress) out of nothing.

    To see my work, hrt especially