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FVR V8 2010 Released

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Rob Shillito, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. It's a nice step forward and the car models are better looking. I think I prefer the better feeling of power in ORSM mod, but it's pretty damn good:wink:
  2. Just for the record its not released and the physics have changed as we get a bit more feedback from our in house testing. The newest set of physics that will be released in the final update before proper public release are undergoing testing and are different to V1.6 and 1.6B update. We have only released in our forums for testing, unfortunately its been downloaded by a lot of users who got the link by people posting outside of FVR.
  3. I was on the forums last week and I know you guys are working hard to make this mod as good as possible. You've made gr8 steps and this Beta is very good and I've enjoyed driving it. Your excellent Surfers Paradise is proof of how good your team are and I have no doubt that this Mod will only get better:thumbup:.
  4. Cheers Philip - appreciate the comments regarding Surfers and its just about to go back on the board to be modified with an alternative track version in it as well for all ISI and Simbin titles. Might even fix those wretched bumps out of pit lane.