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Fun event @ Rainbow road - and a second question

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by neteye, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    i think its tolerable that i make a thread in a forum where i can write about the event, because i cant write in the racing league part of the forum (You have insufficient privileges to reply here.).

    First of all, im happy that you make an event on a track that i build!
    BUT: have you read the readme?
    Quote: This track is for non-commercial use only. If you want to host it anywhere else
    then NoGrip, please contact me. Conversions only with my permission!
    Okay, even when i wrote on RD if i uploaded it here (leads to second question), where do you host it? http://cream.galleria.fi/.... You did not contact me. i will look over it this time, as i dont want to crash your event, as i said im happy that the track gets some fun attention :) but... readme is called readme, because you should read it.

    Second question: Before the "new Racedepartment", there was a download section, and i could upload my tracks here, everyone oculd download them and have fun with them. but now there is no download section anymore. i got a new track up (nogrip&weissbierbude) and i dont know where to "promote" this download here. "nobody" will look in the BTB new tracks forum, as there are tracks from all other sims, not only race07. So should i just start a new thread here? i can only find threads for setups, mods, the racing league etc...

  2. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    First question, please see PM :)

    Second question.
    You can indeed open a topic here with the new track, some information and promotion if you want to. There will be a download section coming again in the (near) future. However, at this time, priorities are with other sections for the moment.

    Thanks for the effort and the sharing of the track.
  3. RD does not host anything in Cream.galleria.fi, i do so i take full responsibility for sharing that link.. I've mostly provided links here as a user since i can get the DL links shared fast and reliably. I do know why you wan't them to be ONLY be at NoGrip (DL stats) but it was hosted in RD downloads too....

    I'll take the file down immediately and will never host your tracks unless requested. Personally, i don't care one bit where my tracks are hosted as long as they are not stolen. I also released a texturepack for Rainbow Road, the original textures made my head hurt. i'll take that down too if you like. I've never met a track that can not be shared openly as that is against open data principles which i try to follow.

    EDIT: Files removed.
  4. maybe i should quote myself, the message i sent to marco after his PN:
    I hade the experience once, where someone hosted one of my tracks, saying it was his. after such an experience you really react different when seeing someone "violating" (hard word, cant find a softer one atm) the readme. especially when it is your first track that gets stolen. you really get cautious and look if the other hosting your files are crediting you. thats also the reason why i write the downloadlocations in the readme. the RD one had RD in it.

    i just quote a Civilisation V sentence here: "I'm sorry that this caused a divide between us". but i had reasons to react like that, as i cant know who is hosting files on servers i never heard of.

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  5. i understand you completely, for ex all FInnish tracks are not in public domain since someone is using them commercially to make money (sim rental company) and doesn't even give credits to those who have built them, thus robbing them from the community.. I' ve uploaded my stuff to Nogrip just for the sake of credibility, same with RD WIP section... Just to show that who did it first.. I can't even imagine who stupid one could be to claim some ones work in modding community, which is actually pretty small and information moves quickly. Unless the author decides to disappear, which has led to many many track/mod not being updated since permissions can be impossible to aquire, which is a shame.. Like Top Gear test-track that isn't even online compatible and making those tiny corrections leads to a grey area (no contact info, like in 99% of readme, the one bit of info that's actually mandatory if one wishes to retain rights for a file...)...