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FSR Silverstone WC race time

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by patrick de wit, Jun 25, 2014.

  1. I am posting this for the footbalfans from dutch origin

    Will it be possable to start the race 1 hour later after the football match.
    Netherlands Mexico

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  2. I was gonna race, but now that Holland plays on Sunday, I'm not.

    Sorry to the team.
  3. Man, i don't eat during the day untill the race is over... haha
    Need to wait 1 hour to lunch....

    Message to Patrick....

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  4. Starting an hour later is useless anyway, you can only watch the first half then. The second half starts at 7, when we will have to join the server if it's an hour later.
  5. I don't mind to change the schedule of the race as long as most of the drivers agree. For now we have three options:

    A) Move the race 2 hours further, 19:00 GMT.
    B) Move the race to the next weekend, 6th of July.
    C) Keep the current schedule.

    So I would like to hear more drivers in order to do any change to the schedule.
  6. A) would be awesome
  7. C) Keep the current schedule.

    It's gonna be too late for my time zone, the race will end around 00:00 and some of us going to work or have an exam on monday morning.
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  8. C) Keep the current schedule.
  9. option a please:)
  10. C
  11. Really nice to see the good atmosphere in FSR.
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