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FSR server set up for fun races this winter?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mo Selvarajah, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. Im not sure who controls the FSR server.
    I was wondering if we could have the following:

    Server set up with circuit rotation, say 10 circuits from this year.
    Current FSR mod
    10 lap races.
    5 min practice
    5 min qualifying
    Fixed setup (with adjustments for steering lock/brake bias allowed)
    Mandatory pitstop (not sure if thats enforceable ingame)
    I'll be happy to test the fixed setup for each circuit to make sure its appropriate.

    im absolutely begging for this. i will even pay £10 a month for this towards server costs until FSR starts again next year.

    please please please please please

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  2. Who would you like to race in it?
  3. anyone.
    no doubt it'll invite crashers too but im sure we can assign a few people admin rights so if they happen to be on, we can kick them with votes.
  4. then i am in then
  5. Guys I think there will be some winter races anyway as Johannes made comment in another topic so I wouldn't worry about this too much. I have recieved permission to run a charity series this winter using the mod we used this year. I'll post more information on it shortly and you'll have to wait and see what FSR plan to do themselves at the early part of next year but I'm sure there will be plenty to keep you guys busy.
  6. Im pretty sure those fsr winter races will be in rf2.
  7. See other topic. The official FSR races will probably be in rF2 yes but Johannes has agreed to let me do some rF1 races using this year's mod. Non-official but nevertheless plenty to keep everyone busy.
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