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FSR Mid Season Review Part 1

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by LiamJenkinsF1, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Hey everybody hope youre all enjoying youre break :p i put together the first part of the mid season review , its in 3 parts because if it was all one video it would be over 20 minutes long and i can only upload up to 15 so . Anyway i hope you enjoy it i would love to hear your feedback and where i can improve
    Many thanks and have the rest of a nice break
  2. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Very nice review Liam. Well done!
  3. Very good review Liam!
  4. very good job!! ;)
  5. Good job Liam!
  6. Very well done Liam.
  7. Awesome review, great job.
  8. Nice one, what I personally like if exciting commentary is added, quick example:
    its Dutch and stupid Olaf Mol, but shows what I mean...
  9. This is great! I agree with Roald, if there was one critique I would say, that it needs a bit of commentary to drive the "story" of each race.

    If you hear things like "X Driver regains the lead!", "What an amazing overtake for Second!", "How unfortunate, that stall will end his race weekend" etc. etc. it will drive the visuals of what the viewer is watching and makes it truely more of a recap rather than just visual highlights.

    One other small thing - The titles that you added are sometimes hard to read due to the colour chosen against the background. Something to consider for the future videos. Possibly add a slight gray box behind them to ground them, use an outline with more contrast or possible a different colour font altogether.

    It is great to see this stuff. Keep up the great work!