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FSR 2015 Main Series Mod Beta - Feedback

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Thomas Mundy, Feb 16, 2015.

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  1. Kris Cobb

    Kris Cobb
    Avid Chronic Racing | Team Principal

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  2. is it based off the same mod last year or is it different?
  3. After winter series mod that feels like a space rocket ,thats for sure. But tires are made of glass, one spin and they are already 75%, something should be done with that.
  4. that is how the F1 tyres were built by ISI, not likely to be changed, I don't think anybody here has the knowledge on how to build an F1 Tyre with rF2 complex tyre compiler. Don't spin, practice more. Is the same as last year
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  5. Whjat car do you select? formula isi 2012?
  6. Yes to above. Tires should last fraction better than 2014, because my laptimes are ~1 second faster from 2014. More mechanical grip means less sliding -> less overheating, thus less wear.

    Also worth noting about tires, there has been change to reduce effect of marbles/realroad on grip, so we hopefully don't have to use 80% preset RR profiles anymore.
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  7. downloaded the mod and installed it all, the car was just a yellow box in game. Now I've deleted all the package files but mod manager won't let me uninstall or delete the mod in mod manager, so I can't reinstall. Someone help me?
  8. You can delete the file in packages folder, re-download it maybe too. I dont believe there was a mod with it, just a package/component so it should uninstall fine. You have to uninstall mods before components too which you can filter via the check boxes.
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  9. Nice feeling, seems like there is loads of grip this year and braking is kind of more realistic regarding the distances that have to be traveled while braking. Maybe dirty air needs even more optimization? Not sure.
  10. i reckon that it be good if fsr stick f1 2014 car sounds on the mod it be brilliant
  11. nah, Lets stay at the screaming housewife instead of the vacuum cleaner ;)
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  12. i think the car has a good base.
    The front end is a lot better than last year mainly in slow corners where we had a lot of understeer last year. The tyres are less sensitive to high load and recover fast if you slide ( maybe too fast in my opinion ). The grip balance between rear and front tyres are great. All this changes has a lot of effects for slow corner traction and braking so the laptime atm is 2 second faster than last year ( COTA ) maybe you can reduce this gap to 1s faster than 2014 to have "realistic laptime"

    Any chance to have a 850-900hp engine.... with full of torque ? :inlove:
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  13. FSR COTA has road gripfactor 1.01 for some reason, so you can remove 1% of grip (~1 second in laptime). Downforce is a bit much in my taste but according to some source it's realistic. I tried adding some sort of engine boost option (as in FSR 2010), it doesn't work with rF2 engine model.
  14. I don't think people are very interested in 2014 F1 sounds, when I read comments everything about current F1 sucks so... The sound samples of ISI are admittedly a bit average, if someone can find better ones they can surely be added.
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  15. Ok john-eric. I tested also on the barcelona track ( srz rf1 version ) i managed a 1.17.2 :laugh:without problem where i did 1.19.6 with stock F1 ISI physics. Yes i feel the car has a bit too much downforce, mainly at low speed ( below 150km/h ). but the car gives a lot of sensations :)
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  16. I might have some good 2013 F1 sounds to hand, I could try upload :D Or maybe.. v10s? ;)

    The cars feel great and are great fun when you're pushing hard. The downforce is noticeable but I don't think it's too much, cars from this era had quite a lot of downforce so still fairly realistic. This doesn't mean the cars aren't challenging, as mentioned earlier the braking distances are quite realistic.
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  17. What about Rain races ???
    The new rain realroad permits to control the F1 car perfectly. Yes we have poor traction but it's a lot better than previous build. Just the evaporation off track doesn't work fine.
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  18. Some days ago I tested rain. I used 30% humidity(which is weirdly the strength of rain in rf2) At first the car was perfect on inters but 5min later even wet tyres were not drivable. Even half throttle at 2nd and 3rd gear didnt work anymore
  19. With the new build 930 ? strange because for me it's fine with wet condition setup ( compared to the previous build where we could not drive on rain with full aquaplaning ) it's sure you cannot be on full throttle on first gears, taking wet racing line etc..