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FSR 2013 minimod released

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Feb 26, 2013.

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  1. Thanks to our friends from the F1RFT Modding Group we are able to bring you the carshapes we will be using for the 2013 season.

    We will be using the full range of carshapes from the 2012 Formula one season. This mod contains 1 example car for each shape.

    This Mod is only for the purpose of choosing and preparing your car livery. The physics are not related to the final physics for the season.

    Download the Mod here: http://www.precision-motorsports.de/Download/FSR13minimod.zip

    You will find the templates and painting instructions in this Thread:http://www.racedepartment.com/forum/threads/2013-templates-and-painting-instructions.65301/
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  2. Thanks for your great effort.
  3. small mistake, the cars are from the 2012 Formula one season :)
  4. Damn it, I would really like to get this but I only have one day left before going for a month and I know I will want to use it so bad... I better not get it..

    Just Crysis on Jackson
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  5. F1 RFT rocks !
  6. looking at testing this out, maybe i can make my debut :p
  7. What kind of physics will be used?
  8. just tested it tamas and i have to say it is preety good, but the physics in my opinion stay the same
  9. "This Mod is only for the purpose of choosing and preparing your car livery. The physics are not related to the final physics for the season."

    It doesn't hurt to read the OP :)
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  10. Thank you David, I know what you quoted, that`s why I asked what kind of physics will be used. I already tested the one is used in minimod.

    Also is there any certain date when do you guys post the new prices for the team and driver licenses, I`m planning to enroll with a new team, but waiting for the prices.
  11. I think we really should change physics from last season.

    Would also like to know when we can sort out teams as I get paid next week then I get paid every 4 weeks... Do not want to mis start of season
  12. You can expect something similar to last season, regarding the prices. I guess it will be announced soon.

    About the physics, there is an internal team working on it. This year we are back to non-refuelling rules, and there are few things to tweak with the tyres in this area, as last year we didnt have to use so many fuel.
  13. I keep hearing confliciting reports about non-refuelling rules. Has it been voted on and decided already?
  14. I agree.
    I saw with the new SS-S-M-H tyres of the minimod a improvement of the problem related last year with the slides etc.
    The car physics are good. I'm agree with david with the tyres. Maybe tweaks with the degradation laptime, when we saw last year Soft/Medium/Hard had linear degradation, making the Medium/hard useless because they were still 0.5/1s slower than the soft tyres.
    I hope we can have this, for example : SS very fast but after 5 laps they shut down quickly ( not the degradation but the tyre grip ) and Hard slower at the beginning but faster at the end of the stint compared to the SS. without call them pirelli...
    It will make the strategies harder to build...
  15. Would also love to see RFE this season since we're still using rf1.
  16. whats RFE?
  17. Weather and Tyre plugin.
  18. We wont be using any plugins like this in FSR.

    They are to unstable and cause to many problems to ensure a smooth running season with so many drivers, and they increase the possibilities for cheating.
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  19. Javier Alvarez

    Javier Alvarez

    I am not sure this is yet decided. Refuelling gives an extra option for strategies, as we saw in superb 2012 races. Non refuelling gives a more linear development of the races.

    F1 banned refuelling for safety purposes, but that must not be a problem in sim racing ;).
  20. It doesnt make it any more exciting strategy wise with refueling. Would like to see a rule so u'd have to use soft & hard tire like in real f1 tho.
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