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From Momo Force to G27

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Amitesh Rao, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Just started using a G27 (at last!) a week back after years and years with my trusty old Momo Force. It takes some getting used to, particularly the degrees of rotation, and of course the clutch+shifter. I am sure many of you folks would have been through this before (I must be one of the last ones to upgrade surely) so thought I'd check if there are any experiences to accelerate the learning curve.

    For me,
    - Laptimes are down by at least 2 seconds.
    - I am finding it difficult switching between touring cars vs. open wheel. Hell, i even find it tough getting common ground between modern GT cars (e.g. 458 GT2) vs. older touring cars (e.g. Alfa Romeo GTA)
    - brakes lock up big time (G27 pedal feels pretty stiff, compared to the Momo Force), and i havent found a sensitivity setting to cure this
    - In general am struggling a bit with sensitivity and FFB settings
  2. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    I imagine you will adjust. Like you mentioned the rotation and brakes are likely the two biggest adjustments. The rotation really makes it more immersive and realistic for me and I think you will really learn to like it with time. Also the brakes and pedals should be easy to adjust with over time. I would suggest lapping with a slower car or street car with a realistic rotation (900 for most street). And if you do a bunch of lapping with the same car and track that should help you familiarize yourself with both the wheel and pedals. Depending on the game it may help to adjust to the brake a little quicker to drive without abs. Enjoy the wheel, I know going from a dfgt to a g25 was great to me, a gates shifter and clutch! Can't beat that.
  3. yes, thanks for the reply, i am loving it for sure!
    what you say is what is working - pick a car and track and keep at it. though not exactly a slow car, the mp4 and 458 GTs are what I am using most to figure out the wheel, and they are great. laptimes are still a bit off, but they'll come back i am sure...
  4. I'm also finding that some setup tweaks are helping. Tad more oversteer than I was used to in the past to be more specific. One click power diff, a little rebound damping adjustment, and I'm much closer to my previous laptimes.

    I am playing AC by the way.
  5. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    It took me some time back when I jumped from a Formula Force to G25. At the time I just extended the rotation and decreased the in game lock steadily, a little each week for a few weeks until I got comfortable.
  6. Upgrading the springs on the pedals really made a difference for me.

    Getting a progressive spring for the brake - either Nixim or GTEye - I went with this one - really makes a difference. I also swapped out the original brake spring and put it in the clutch pedal and then used the original clutch spring for the gas. The default gas spring is too light for my tastes.

    There are many mods that can be applied to the G27 but the cheap upgrade to a progressive spring for the brake pedal gives the most bang for the buck.