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Frex Shift+ Problem

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Daniel Tonsberg, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. Hello

    I have an issue with my Frex Shift+
    It seems that sometimes it wont recognize shifts.

    I first noticed it when I tested it out in RBR and then I tought maybe it was the game. But then I used a Joy2key program and added keyboard letters to up and down shift and I quickly saw in notepad that it sometimes didn't recognize an up or down shift. I cant seem to find any context when it happens, sometimes its after 4 shifts and other times its up to 18 shifts. Help please :S

    I also noticed that sometimes it "freezes" in position and the letter assigned to it goes on a loop (but that might aswell be from the software so I dont know if its an connection to the other problem)

    Something else is how does one wire this thing up to a USB board? I have an Leo Bodnar BU0836X board and it has up o 32 buttons but what wire goes where ? right now I have red wire in button 32 and black wire connected to the GND port under it, the the Orange wire is connected to button 31 but it has no wire in its GND port.

  2. Does not matter where you put the ground, ground is ground :) Does the shifter make a definite Click sound even when its missing shifts? Otherwise you should lengthen the throw of the shifter by unscrewing the bolt a bit.

    if it does click, it might be a fault of the switch, and you should send an email to the guys from frex :)
  3. You have to be very agressive when shifting. The things built like a tank so it will not break easily, so just muscle it (I almost slam mine into each shift). I had a sim issue of missed shifts when I 1st got the FREX seg. I was too use to using the low resistant shifter like the G25. Once I muscle each shift, I don't miss many anymore.
  4. I posted the same issue on the iRacing forums and they told me that frex shift+ and Leo Bodnar BU0836X didn't go so well together, apperently its an known issue with those two components. Ive ordered a new (different) USB board from Leo now, as they told me any of his other boards would work just fine with the Frex shift +

    Thanks for the help tho!
  5. I have the same issue with my frex shift+ and mij BU0836-LC controller. I have tested it on 2 BU0836-LC controllers on 2 different PC's. The shifter works fine on mine SLI-M but the SLI-M is on my g25 wheel. I need to look for another solution. Maybe Ill buy a SLI-pro and build it a cockpit. I only have problems with the simbin serie rfactor, dirt serie, Netkar pro works fine..

    I have some mail contact with frex and they send me this link http://frex.xsrv.jp/xoops/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=279&forum=9

    Maybe it will help you..
  6. ah man, I hope it will work on the BU0836 I just ordered =S