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Frex GP shift+

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Stealthy, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. dose anyone have any experience wiring up one of these beauty's ,
    id like to add a seq shifter to my cockpit but you need to wire it yourself.

    also does anyone have any experience with this shifter?

    any comments?
  2. Hi Stealthy!

    Your best bet is to either re-wire using the original wiring on your wheel or, use a leo bodnar USB input board, a BU0836, very good and quite cheap. lots on the forum about them, check the button box thread. just ask if you need more help :)
  3. How can i wire it to a T300 base?
    Maybe is it enough, to change the wiring in the PS/2 connector?
  4. If you take the plastic ring off the front of the T300, there's two extra wires inside with JST connectors on them. They activate the same function as the paddle shifts on the wheel. I assume they're there either to allow the T500 fixed paddles to be used instead, or perhaps Thrustmaster planned on selling a set specifically for this wheel.

    If you put JST connectors on the shifter wires, you could plug it straight into the T300.
  5. Thanks!
    Meanwhile I've got the same answer from frex...


    T300RS has a external output wires/connector under the front cover.
    Just connect the wires.

    Black to Black.
    Orange to Blue or Gray
    RED to Blue or Gray.
  6. TeSL9

    Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :) Premium

    I bought it all ready and wired. For some reason it cannot be connected to the pc when starting windows, or the OS doesnt start up. Just have to connect it afterwards.

    It's a mighty and durable sequential!! Very good feel and immersion. I recommend it for sure! :)
  7. You bought it with the usb controller? Interesting that the OS dont start with that (maybe try enable/disable fast boot, different usb plug etc.)... I compared mine with the th8a shifter in this little video.

    It has much more resistence against the thrustmaster, more mechanical, need a harder push, and it has a little deadzone.
  8. TeSL9

    Pessimistic (rarely flying) Finn :) Premium

    I bought mine used. It has the usb contoller mounted to the side of the shifter.
    ...Pre owner had the same os startup problem. Fast boot or diff usb didnt help.

    Yes its very stiff. Its good and realistic, but you must have a steady table or rig to mount it.
  9. Buy a Manu-factory seq shifter....Thats the real deal. A exact copy and feels 110% realistic.
    Cant get any better...
  10. but its more expensive
  11. ny idea on how to wire the 9 pin toggle switch to a BU0836-LC Load cell Joystick Controller by lo Bodnar? i want the shifter and my pedals to be in the board :)
  12. I've used Shift+ already few years. I connected it to my Fanatec base same way as F's own shifters, I cut one cord from basic F shifter and then put wires together from Frex to that cord and that way I had proper Fanatec connector to other end to put it to base. And when connected via wheel base I can of course use it normally on console games too.

    Only gripe with shifter is that there is that one nut in linkage which I have tighten up regularly.