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French help for firsts steps in this competition

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by DJ papa from www.maxa.es, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. hello

    i'm michael, from france

    it's really hard to understand the concept of formula simracing when my english isn't perfect.

    probably it's recommanded to practice few years before subscribe in a championship ? or choose an appropriate serie and begin in a easy serie

    and what about create a team, is it reserved to senior members ? how i can found drivers if i'm an unknow guy ?

    also rules seems technical and complicated. apparently, there is no sefty car, but there is a commity who judge infractions... maybe there is blue flags ? or the righ to change trajectory more than once ? (i didn't see somebody get a penalty for change trajectory)

    I never played rfactor, if the game is in english, i will have trouble for set up my car or at least understand how to do that.

    so, in one question, is there a french community, documentation or member who can help me to join this (apparentlyà wonderful community ?

    with a little bit of chance, i can practice a little bit and participate to 2014's championship !

    thanks in advance for a few help !
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  2. i'd like to help you but im not French.
    Is there a frenchman in the house willing to help this new Prost? :p
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  3. Morand?
  4. google your friend
  5. I already used google before coming here. I can speak english if i'm assisted and can ask specifics questions, in order to understand.

    I'm not sure morandini has very much time to help me, but if he can, it would be an honnor !

    I will buy next month a DELL XPS ONE 27 :
    • Processeur Intel® Core™ i7-3770s de 3e génération (3,1 GHz, 8 Mo)
    • Bicanale SDRAM DDR3 8 Go3 à 1600 MHz
    • Carte graphique 2 Go NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 640M

    I hope it's ok to play in good condition (i'm not looking for a killing machine, I don't even have a seat).

    I already have a G27 Logitech. (I'm not sure if Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 T500 is much better, because I also use it for Gran Turismo or Ridge Racer, and G27 is more polyvalent than a formula one wheel, i suppose).

    I can't play right now because my actual computer don't seems quick enough to run the game (my graphic card is an AMD HD4200)

    but after saw simrace Tv, I really can't wait to play on this game ! I hope one day nick and his friend pronounce my name on sim race tv, it would be so cool :p

    Thanks for you replies : my skype is mika.maxa, you can add me if you want.

    Dell Xps One have only one screen, and maybe i will not see clearly on sides, don't I don't have much space in my room for 3 screens (and i don't play 24/7, so it's not necessary to have a room dedicated or 1 million $ budget for the configuration).
  6. My penultimate graphic card was an AMD HD3470, and it was enough to use rFactor ;)
  7. I have framerate and lag problems on rfactor 2 (edit : also loading takes several minutes), maybe the graphic card isn't the source. but i've got a quad core (2.5 ghz) and 8 go of memory.

    I could upgrade the graphic card, but it's an huge tower pc and i'm really interested to save some space with an all-in-one.
  8. I just installed rfactor 1 and it works pretty well on my computer. I just didn't noticed that formula simracing worked with rfactor 1 and not rfactor 2 ! I will try the FSR mod with G27 wheel when I have some time. thanks primaguida
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  9. Coucou michael.

    Alors le principe est simple. Il y a 3 championnat ici.
    Le World Trophy, Le World Series et le World Championship.
    Le WC est le niveau le plus élevé ici. Je pense que pour débuter, il te faut un petit passage en World Trophy pour te familiariser avec le jeu et le championnat et monter petit a petit les échelons.

    Après pour créer la team, tu n'as juste qu'à créer un profil sur le gpcos :
    http://gpcos.formula-simracing.net/ puis une team, demander a courir dans le championnat que tu veux et à payer la licence pilote + team.

    On utilise un soft anti-triche, le fsr manager, qui lance rfactor et scanne en meme temps ton ordi. Tu devras envoyer à chaque course un log + les replays de ta qualification pour voir si tu as coupé un virage ou non

    Les pénalités sont données après la course, sous forme de points de pénalité ou de pénalité de fin de grille pour la prochaine course etc, allant jusqu'au ban permanent si on est accusé de triche.
    Les drapeaux bleus sont gérés par le jeu lui même, qui te donnera une pénalité si après un temps imparti tu n'as pas laissé la place au gars qui te double.
    Pour la défense, un seul changement de trajectoire est autorisé

    tu peux configurer le jeu en francais en lançant le rF config.exe
  10. on pilote en vue cockpit seulement aussi. j'avais oublié.
  11. thank you very much morgan

    the most difficult point seems to be the set up of the car.

    according to this document per example :

    it seems to be very exhaustive and complicated. in real life, f1 drivers are assisted to an engineer !

    until now, I always played arcade games, usually with automatic gearbox. even on games like gran turismo, i always used a magazine or solution in order help me, I never had set-up a virtual car of my gamer's life !