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Misc Freak Weather Events 1.0

Makes Freak Weather possible

  1. chessmaster02 submitted a new resource:

    Freak Weather Events - Makes Freak Weather possible

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  2. we have so much rain already :roflmao:
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  3. interesting things you done there
  4. pretty sure the database has no control over weather anymore
  5. It does. I used this mod and it is really fun. I had a race at monaco where there was rain at the start, then dry, then intermediate conditions, then wet. It was crazY!
  6. Can you add tornados?
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  7. LOL. Um I don't think so. I will talk to some people I know and if I can I will. I will probably also add floods if I can. Imagine racing at Monaco in meter deep water! LOL!
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  8. in gp mode?

    i have changed these values alot in the past and since 2012 it seems to be controlled elsewhere. i can get them to work again by changing the tod.dat file in each track folder with the 2012 one but that completely messes the graphics up.
  9. maybe tod.dat + database would give full control over weather?
  10. Yeah that's right. It works and you then see how scripted the weather is for 2013 and 2014. Just wish I could fix graphics as it makes races so much more interesting
  11. this mod works in qualys too? or just in races?
  12. The mod should work in any session.