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Fraps doesn't record rFactor on a particular track (In a rush so please help)

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by stop, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. I have an issue that needs solving quickly as I'm in a rush to get this video completed. Basically, I am trying to record gameplay on rFactor with my new PC, and on all other tracks with the F1RFT mod, all's fine, but on the particular track with the particular amount of cars that I had, for some reason either Fraps or rFactor crashes. Does anyone know what the issue is?
  2. Which track?
    Maybe the track is the problem, try to record in a track of the F1RFT DRS TP
  3. It's Turkey, it doesn't have DRS but other circuits don't have DRS and are working fine. Also it works fine when there is only 1 car on track
  4. Try to do this with all graphic settings on "Low"
  5. Fraps gives me a lot of problems with rFactor (not crashes but incredibly low frame rates while capturing), my solution is to use nVidia Shadowplay.
  6. Try to create a new partition with the rFactor and Fraps only. Worked in my PC