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FPS......Still have issues

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Darren Jason O'Brien, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. Hello all,

    Ive seen on some posts, that ppl have issues with the FPS and that it gets slow when racing. well im having the same problem.
    In practice, or time trial without any cars or a 1-3 cars it would be ok, but then when the race started it would go slow every now and them.

    Ive gone into the player file and set the swaying trees to "0", taken the hand of the steering wheel, No rear mirror, and no Replay recording. But still have the Problem.....Would changing the resolution help this if I change it..

    I have a ATI Radeon 5450 512MB Graphics Card, Pentium 4, 3GHZ

    Thanx, any advice would be good, as I wanna race in the V8 Enduros and races..thanx
  2. The V8 Enduro is in rFactor, not Race 07, so you will need to test FPS issues in that game, which your spec should not have issues anyways....

    In Race 07 what are you running the game at? what in game settings are you using?
  3. Hey Gunther,

    Yeah found out the V8 is in rFactor, ahh well.... In Race 07 and Evo, I set everything to Min, No mirrors at all, and then I went into the player file and No hands in the cockpit, No swaying trees, No Replay recording, set to the Min what I can.
    Ive gone into the Catalyst Control Centre , ive even set all the Settings there to Min and Max.

    I did then notice that when I raced another car like a WTCC 2010 car on a standard track, it was perfect, no stutter or anything. I went through all the cars last night and the only Problem I seem to have Issues with is the V8 Supercars, V8 Utes-Just MOD Cars that ive downloaded. Even when I set the graphics to low detail for the cars, Its not as bad, but makes it a little difficult to race.

    Im wondering if its the MOD Tracks and Cars that r the issue, cause the Standard Cars and tracks r perfect no problems, But 2nite ill try the V8 supercar on a un Mod or standard track, see how I go.

    I am thinking of getting putting a 1GB craphics Card.????......Do u think this would help......or mayb changing settings else where that I havnt done

  4. Your graphics card isn't really meant for gaming. You should consider upgrading it.
  5. Hey Mike, Oh ok.....

    What one would be good for Gaming then...?

    I was just going to get a 1GB of the same
  6. I posted in your other thread. Just make sure that when you do upgrade only the graphics card your motherboard supports it (pci-e) and your power supply as well.
  7. you should look at the "package" CPU+RAM+M/B+GFX as they all are required to actually get performance. A fast card is killed by a slow CPU etc...