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Misc FPS fix for low-end PC 0.2

F1 2015 FPS fix

  1. AVVI submitted a new resource:

    FPS fix for low-end PC - F1 2015 FPS fix

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  2. Is it possible to make the reflection appears faster?Thanks:)
  3. Yes, just go to the graphic settings and set it on ultra, but I would expect poor performance...
    Codes didn't care about optimization or doing the game faster, there are a lot of useless shaders and post process effects which actually make the game slower, also its engine is little bit old. F1 2015's engine is same case as Arma 3's.
  4. Thanks for your reply! I think it's won't be a problem if I update my gpu, right?
  5. You can try it man
  6. Hi , when I start race I have 60 fps and after 10 laps I have 25 fps ???? since the patch 11 . I have last driver gforce , 3D card 750 Ti 2 Giga ram , proc I5 , 16 Giga ram . without my thrusmater ferrari connected 90 fps ????
  7. before this i had 10 fps on my old 2010 low end laptop with this i have 17 fps , can u do a graphic settings like it was in f1 2014 , if you remember like that game menu graphic settings
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  8. Oh, nobody is able to change anything in the menu, it would require to reprogram it. Sorry.
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  9. Game might not be fully compatible with your wheel or drivers/game may be wrongly installed
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