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FPS drop after updating the GPU drivers

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Prithvi R Shankar, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hello guys, I noticed that my FPS has dropped to around 20 to 25 when i installed the latest nvidia forceware 280.XXX driver. Before updating the drivers i used to easily get 60 to 70 FPS. Any idea why this has happened and any suggestions?

    Thank you.

    System config:
    Intel core i3 2.93GHz
    4GB RAM
    nvidia Geforce 8400GS 1GB GPU.

    I mostly play FSONE and MMG mods.
  2. The graphics card is at least 4 years old and it is not always good with the latest Nvidia driver to use.
    Perhaps it is better to keep the old driver - never change a running system
    Die Grafikkarte ist wenigstens 4 Jahre alt und es ist nicht immer gut den neuesten Nvidiatreiber zu verwenden.
    Vielleicht ist es besser den alten Treiber zu behalten.
  3. Okay. Thank you.
  4. MarcG


    I noticed stuttering with the latest drivers, I went back to 275 but it stayed the same, I may go back to 270 or equivalent ready for RF2 (using a 9600GT gpu)
  5. Yes, even if I rollback to the old drivers the stuttering still exists.. I think i have to re-install my GPU drivers.. And another problem is i play F1 2010 and 2011, that requires the new drivers. So i currently dont know what to do :(
  6. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    Tried the beta 285.xxx drivers?
  7. No, Not the beta 285.xxx. I had tried the 280.xxx driver release in August.
  8. Anything over 192.xx drivers (the last drivers before FERMI was released) for my gtx275 give me stuttering in rfactor BTW.
  9. It may be related to individual display settings within rFactor. I recently had the same issue and initially suspected the driver; however, I came to realize that I'd also made some changes to my display settings (cranked them all up for taking screenshots). I'm thinking it was either the shadow or shadow blur setting that was the culprit; lowering it brought my framerate back to normal.

    This is with a 9800GT.
  10. I tried to play with the in-game graphic settings, no use. Finally i uninstalled the new driver and installed the old one. Now the game works perfectly.. getting around 50FPS on all options full and shadows high.
  11. They mess with settings those new drivers, better go trough all advanced 3d settings and see if something is what it should not be.

    Indeed, new drivers are not always good, if old hardware is too good, somehow they have to sell worse newer hardware, with my 8800GTS 512 new drivers disabled the fan, luckily only when resuming from standby, but who knows when they disable it for good to end life of my card?

    At windowed mode I have been getting really bad performance since updated drivers, but I did mess with settings and put prerender frames to 0, which seemed to cure part of wheel lag and windowed performance has been better since.

    My card is old, but still beats many new cards, so don't see reason to get new card.

    Trible buffering is disabled by default in new drivers, enabling that if using vsync might help with some issues. It is really shame to see companies heading this kind of direction, but not much options really.
  12. I have a NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 260 Driver 186.18 i not use locked FPS and have between 200-350 ? why is people talk about 70 fps if i had that low i should i have problem see the screen Is people talk about other things here 70 FPS looks very low .. one thing i not have done i not have update the drivers because i get great FPS so no need test newest drivers file version is
  13. I know, the latest drivers for my card is not recommended because my card itself is an old one. Your GTX is a new card and obviously the latest drivers will improve the performance :)