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FPES S4 - Results and Standings

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by Eric. K, Feb 10, 2010.

  1. Race results from Interlagos as well as standings:

    Division 1

    Division 2

    If you see any inaccuracies please let me know and I'll take care of it.

  2. Who u have as 12th & 13th DNF in D2 me thinks ;)
  3. Not sure I understand? If you completed more than 75% of the race you will get points.
  4. Wots 75% of the race? al watch replay brb :cool:
  5. Mate.... You need to explain me the problem. Everyone's lap counts is posted.
  6. When might replays be available :)
  7. cool Eric it just i didint understand or know that u got points for DNF ;)
  8. Pole gives u 1pt, fastest lap 1pt, and anyone who did more than 37laps (75% of 50) gets points.
  9. i got u now Eric ;)
  10. Sorry I see they were on Presto updater post race :)
  11. Sorry guys, I made the mistake and assumed pole and fastest lap were receiving a 1pt (which is not the case). Fixed it now.
  12. sos but both links goto d1 results noo :(

    P.s i was wondering if i could get the scotland flag plz in the country bit like other members who have it from scotland plz Thanks :cool:
  13. Done and done:)
  14. Thanks very much Eric :cool: