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Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Paul Landis, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. I used the FOV calculator in iRacing and it suggested 45 instead of the 78 default. I'm using a 22 widescreen monitor 36-40 inches away. Man--what a difference. I had a real problem finding the edge of the track initially. When I looked at replays where I thought I was on the edge of the track--I still had plenty of room. After the change I had no problem taking it all the way to the edge consistently. Also I noticed the elevation change of the corkscrew at Laguna much more pronounced. 45 does take away the side mirrors and some of the gauges...but I've been using the virtual mirror anyway. Long story short I think it's important to get your FOV right to have a more accurate experience in iRacing.
  2. I agree Paul setting your FOV properly is very important. Iracings tool does a good job at it.
  3. Do you guys keep the same FOV for all vehicles, or do you chop and change the value at all?
  4. I change my somethimes depending on the car.
  5. I change mine, for instance I cannot drive the skip with a 45 degree view. I run it at 75 regardless of what the in game thing says. If I use the ingame thing I feel like I'm running in tunnel vision or something. Perhaps if I had three monitors to give more view it would be different.
  6. i run about 65 now. on a 40" i think about 30" away. I actually like driving with the smaller FOV (45), but i just cant see around me well enough to avoid other cars..i tinker with it every now and then.

    Does anyone adjust the seat height alot? That i tweak abit for every car. I've almost got my setup tweaked so i can see the gauges thru my actual steering wheel.
  7. From memory I used to set mine somewhere around 90. I remember once I was having trouble in the legends trying to get to my target time. Adjusted the FOV and was easily lapping 3 tenths quicker. It was one of the strangest changes I've ever made, the car seemed to have more grip even though FOV was the only thing I changed, it was really weird.
  8. Mines around 55-60. dont really change it ever! I also use the padels on my wheel to look left and right if i need to.
  9. 45 here with 21" crt close as possible behind my G25 wheel case. Gain more speed when lowering step by step from default. Side by side actions are more hairy though but no problems so far.
  10. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare
    DSD FTW!

    I tried adjusting my FOV based on the OP's suggestion, and I have found a happy medium, to a degree, from what I had to what I have. I use three 28" screens, but iR wants me to have around a 140-145 degree FOV based on my viewing distance, one that is in too far to see the mirrors and gauges. I went out to 179 to see everything, but that was too far. I'm around 162 or so, and I would go closer, but then I lose the pertinent interior parts of the car.

    I'd like to see a limited amount of seat adjustment like we get in Simbin's titles and in rF. If I could move my FOV in a bit and move my seat back to see the dashboard and mirrors, it would be perfect. But again, props to Paul for motivating me to try it out. It's a good suggestion.

  11. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Where is this FOV calculator in iRacing?
  12. Graphics Menu.

    On top of the settings for shadow etc.
  13. Lars Strijdonck

    Lars Strijdonck
    Six by nine. Forty two.

    Duh...... Thanks :)