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Forza 5 Formula E Championship

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 5' started by MeTaLl1cPanda, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Formula E CHampionship on Forza 5 you will have to use custom teams and liverys we need at least 6 players to start the races will be every Sunday at 3:00 pm once we have enough people the races will be

    GP Of America Test Track
    British GP Silverstone
    German GP Nurburgring
    French GP Bugatti Circuit
    Spanish GP Catalunya
    Australian GP Bathurst
    American GP Long Beach
    UAE GP Yas Marina
    Czech GP Prague
    US GP Road america

    If you are interested in joining the first season of Forza 5 formula E then comment your gamer tag below and add MeTaLl1cPanda on Xbox live also please state weather you would like to join an existing team or start your own

    Race fair, clean and have fun
    I'll see you at the first race
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  2. My Gt is Tomaaas x
    I'm looking forward to seeing you there
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  3. Tomaaas x will be my teammate at TeamPandaRacing livery is white sides with black top and White wheels
  4. Matt9708
  5. Tomaaas x will be in a special livery team panda racing car it is red yellow and green like the team ABT car with white wheels

    Matt9708 will be the #1 driver at team indi there is still one space available at this team

    Team indi will be black with a red stripe and black wheels

    May I add that we are in no way affiliated with any sponsors on any of the cars

    Matt9708 will be in a red bull liveried indi racing car at silverstone
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  6. ALGERT2000
  7. Thanks for replying we are going to have to do a rerun of the race we did today because Matt has left do you want to start up your own team and if so what do ou want it to be called

    If you don't you can join team indi which is a team set up by my friend
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  9. Are u one xbox one?
  10. Yes how else would I play Forza 5
  11. my bad, can u send an invite
  12. ALGERT2000 will be racing with a Williams martini racing liverys car and will be driving for team Indi