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Forza 4

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 4' started by Daniel Higgins, Aug 7, 2010.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Forza 4
    Release Date: TBA 2011
    Exclusively on: Xbox 360 / Kinect
    Publisher: Microsoft
    Developer: Turn 10 Studios

    “Welcome to the future of racing.” The words from Turn 10 Studios creative director Dan Greenwalt, as he ended his presentation for Forza 4, using Microsoft Kinect to entice gamers that Microsoft’s latest gadget would be the way to go for all future racing simulation games.
    The game itself showcased two modes. One, is racing mode, the other, was being able to get inside the chosen car, looking around and pressing all those wonderful buttons that you never thought you’d be able to press inside a sports car. The E3 video shows this mode, and looks utterly breathtaking, although it could get kind of boring over time.
    This does not shy away from the graphics, which are superb. You never thought you would even touch a Ferrari in your life-time, but you come very close from getting almost the same experience from your living room.
    One thing that might let gamers, and racing simulation fans down is that you don’t need to worry about braking or acceleration, but only the steering. The aim of the mode shown, was to pass as many cars as possible in a row before you run out of time.
    Overall I think it looks great but I cant really see what Turn10 can add to the series apart from updated cars but im sure they will think of something. Kinect will surely also act as a head tracker if not for steering.

    Videos below of Racing and Walk Around mode;


    Walk Around;
  2. I am not seeing much of a change in track details in the current video. I just wonder, if they will ever include night racing and better lighting in the game. They have got to do some serious changes for me to buy it after Foreverza 3(where grinding away allows not all cars to be driven), especially after the release of F1 2010 and GT5.
  3. A lot of the gaming sites are reporting on this as Forza 4 but its not been officially called Forza 4. I'm wondering if this will be released as an expansion pack for Forza 3 or simply Forza 3 repackaged to include Kinect support. We only had Forza 3 last year and if this really is Forza 4 then they are rushing the games out too quickly. I'm a big Forza fan but once the initial excitement wore off Forza 3 was a little disappointing compared to Forza 2, it didn't hold the same appeal.
  4. could care less about so called improvements, lets get back to fixing problems with online racing.
  5. This is not Forza4 but a demo specialy created for Kinect
  6. Or, it is Forza 4 following the official announcement yesturday, Forza 4 is sceduled for release fall 2011. Check out http://Forzamotorsport.net for the trailer.
  7. I'm always keen to see a new Forza but this shorter development cycle just seems like a cash-in to me like the Call of Duty franchise released each year. With just two years between games I wonder how much of an improvement Forza 4 will be. I'm hoping they will not at least support 16 players online and drop the poor matchmaking system they have now and go back to how it was in Forza 2.
  8. Well, in 2 years, they have to go somewhere, and it's better to buy a full new version of a game, than keep updating an older one isn't it?!
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