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Forum idea - unfinished tracks?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by William Elgh, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Why not start a forum where you can post your projects that YOU stopped working on/unfinished, and let others finish it? just an idea

    i guess it is not just me who has a bunch stopped projects right?

  2. If there's enough demand I can start a sticky thread, but definitely not a forum.
  3. It's a good idea I think.

    A lot of people start out with tracks they never finish and are left to keep collecting dust on their hard drive, while for a considerable part of them there would be other trackmakers interested in finishing 'em up. Not all of them will, but even if it's just a part, it could save people considerable time, as well.
  4. It' A great Idea.....sharing your build with the community (but stipulate that previous builders name should be attached to their own should it be finished by them). Some sort of rule system the one continuing the project
    must sign up to that way anybody does something they shouldn't they can be locked out of the download list.
  5. Good idea... i also have a punch of unfinished projects and most of them have a reasonable good road profile, so would be happy to give them for some one to finish.
  6. that was the word i was searching not forum sorry :)
  7. Impossible to do ;)

    I'll put up a thread in the next few days however. Will try to keep it organised with all links in the top post of said thread.
  8. Good idea! I also can share with something - maybe somebody will enjoy that mess ;)
  9. handy yea.. a track dump, so to speak... im sure in time ill accumulate a few aborted projects, but ill also be offering all my complete projects to anyone who wants them, xpacks, original textures, photoshop files , 3ds projects and whatever else

    call the thread "BTB 101" or "Vault 101" ;)

    50 tracks ehrelc?!┬┐ wow ... thats quite a portfolio you have going on there ;)
  10. If only for people to see how others do their tracks, what methods they use, what ideas they had putting into the track, what models / textures they put in, it would be a great idea. Sharing all those ideas and work would be great.
  11. minus the sleepless nights and panadols of course ;)
  12. Yeah minus the sleep deprivation! "Just a few more tweaks" then suddenly it's three in the morning.....
  13. Boy, I'm sure that sound familiar to a lot of track builders ;)
  14. Hi, I dont agree with aaallllll of you, If you start a project you must finish it!!!, some reasons:

    1- Why you buy BTB?, to create a road, and no more?
    2- Each person has his own way of doing things, I put my imagination to make circuits, i dont want that, another "imagination" finish my track
    3- This is like to bring up a child, you make love with your wife,(the good part), and then, you want another person to finish the work, what a shame!!
    4-I think that you dont understand that when you create a track you adquire a compromise/agrement with that track.
    5-All that you that think "I start you finish it", do not have "balls" to finish what you start, BE A MAN!!!!!
    6-Sorry, if someone is angry with me
    7- Nobody of you are going to put his hands on my projets :))

  15. hehe, but i think it can be really intresting to see how other people work, dont you think so? :)
  16. ok, it is interesting to see how other creators work, but if i create a track, put terrain and give you the proyect, What will you see?, nothing special, all we know how to put terrain, and make a track, I think that we really learn when we ask for help to do somenthing.

    I do not really understand starting my proyect and then let other person to finish it, cause it is my son!!!

  17. I think the main reason for providing projects would be for other people to remix (ie.. make a desert track into tundra, or gravel into tarmac..ete).. or to convert a popular track for one game into another game. Trying to learn off someone elses project would be a nightmare. Would be far more work unravelling a project. Playing a track is enough to learn how someone put it together, since its obvious in a way..., tutorials for the rest.
  18. I thought this thread was about making use of all the unfinished material out there, seeing other people's ideas, and their btb techniques. Alvaz chill out mate!! :)
  19. I think I'll decide when to be a man, don't need anyone else's opinion on that, thank you.

    That's ok, but respect the wishes of those who do want to share their track files.

    Myself, I intend to finish the tracks that I'm working on, but I *do* explicitly plan to release the project files later on (a while after they've been released), GNU GPL-style. That way, if people are interested they can add to and expand my tracks to make something even better, much more easily.

    And there are a lot of unfinished but worthy-of-finishing track projects on people's hard drives. Sometimes life (work, family, death, etc) just gets in the way. It's a bit of a shame to just let them all rot, not to mention be able to save other interested parties a lot of work, potentially. More tracks could be finished and see the light of day.
  20. I agree with Pangea - since I even can not understand what were my purposes in MY past (unfinished) projects ;) (sometimes nor in recent ones, heheh :D )

    But - the idea can be still great for sharing the concepts and to see the methods other people use.

    @ ALVAZ - #5 - are you sure that girls/women are not interested in track building? I think they don't want to have "balls" ;)