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EU Formula Renault 3.5 @ Nürburgring GP - Tuesday 12th January 2016

Discussion in 'rFactor 2 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Daiman Patel, Jan 9, 2016.

Added to Calendar: 12-01-16
  1. Daiman Patel

    Daiman Patel
    RedShift Racing Staff Premium


    Event Details:
    Track: Nürburgring
    Car: Formula Renault 3.5

    Weather: Dry
    Road condition: Rubber on track were possible
    Tyre wear: Normal
    Fuel use: 1x
    Mechanical failure: Time scaled

    Traction control:
    ABS: Low
    Auto-clutch: Allowed

    19:00 GMT
    Qualifying: 19:15 GMT - 10 minutes [NO Parc Fermé]
    Warm up: 19:25 GMT - 5 minutes
    Race: 19:30 GMT - 30 minutes [standing start]

    RaceDepartment Calendar: Click here
    Server password: Click here
    Racing rules: Click here
    GMT Clock: Click here

    Note: You must be a Premium member in order to participate. Upgrade your account here.

    Sign up list:
    1. Stefan Woudenberg
    2. Risto Kappet
    3. Sten-Ake Svensson
    4. Oli McGown
    5. Alex Parker
    6. Dewald Nel
    7. Driver
    8. Driver
    9. Driver
    10. Driver
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Driver
    19. Driver
    20. Driver
    21. ...
    Note: Please sign out well in time (at least 1 hour before the practise session begins) if you're unable to make the race. Thanks! :)


    utp: 10
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  2. Ricoow

    RedShift Racing RDLMS #6 / RDRC #163 Premium

    I may be around during practice and right before the event, have to leave at 19:30GMT
  3. I had fun with the Formula master last week, will be present on this one too.
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  5. Stenne


    In please
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  6. Daiman Patel

    Daiman Patel
    RedShift Racing Staff Premium

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  7. If someone is doubting their participantce because the car is hard to drive/setup, then here is a variation of the default setup, made much more drivable and easier and thus possibly faster aswell.

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  8. Otune

    SpeedyMite Racing Premium

    Sign me up please
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  10. Thanks mate. Never got the tag(guess you added it when you edited it), but why not. :) I absolutely suck in sector 1 here so I'm sure it will be no contest for you this time. Let's hope someone else will be as slow as me. :p

    Sign me up.
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  11. A more driveable setup. Hard to get it just driveable on this track, but I've almost managed it.

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  12. Haha cheers mate! Haven't been driving much lately, just renewed my premium recently, loving RF2!
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  13. Tobias Röhner

    Tobias Röhner
    Germany's greatest Indycar Fan. Premium

    count me in :)
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  14. Sorry for the DNF
    Thanks for coming Dewald (and others)
    During practice I thought im real good, but turned out I still dont really understand the car/setting up. I was faster in some of the corners, could match most others but in a few fast corners i would lose a heap of time to Dewald. I was struggling to get the car on the proper line through the sweepers and overall the balance felt very twitchy. Need to learn more lol.
    Managed to stabilize the gap at 3 seconds to Dewald for half of the race, was pushing the car and learning the boundries and seeing how it affects the gap in some corners, was exciting. But eventually made a mistake and lost mental drive. Need to wait for another race to challenge you again lol....
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  15. It was an awesome race. My qualy lap was 1.5 seconds slower than my fastest lap in the race which I started as 5th.
    I had a great start and gained 1 position in the first corner, I surprised Oli in the 3rd one as I dived into the gap. Than I extend the gap to 4 seconds and it was like that for many laps.
    I was happy in 3rd, but Risto had a spin and quit(?). Came in 2nd, no spins, no crashes, all clean like it should. My slowest lap time was the first one. The fastest one the last one, almost all laps within a second. :)

    Thanx for the race guys, see you on track soon. :thumbsup:
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  16. Stenne


    A great race, thanks all and congrats to the winner! :thumbsup:
    Hope for more races in those great cars!

    For me this was for sure the one of my performances in the club races that I'm most happy with. Didn't get lapped by the winner and had the racers before me in eye sight for almost 10 laps. I managed to keep focus for the full 30 min and my race was clean, no spins or off track incidents. My fastest lap of the whole session was in the race. My average deviation from my fastest lap was 1.2 sec and my laps were within around 2 sec (first lap excluded). Today I felt I'm not completely and hopelessly behind and off pace. My self-esteem grew a bit and I'm more encouraged to keep on practicing. :D

    Many thanks to @Ho3n3r for the great setup you gave us. Suited me very well. :thumbsup:
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  17. No problems mate. Glad it helped. :) Increasing both diff settings seemed to make the most difference.
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  18. Quali: i did only one low fuel run(1:40.3) beforehand, so I was a bit surprised that I could manage 1:39.5, but then again I had no idea what I could do.

    Race: Great start by Risto, left him space on the inside, but when we both emerged from T1 I was ahead somehow. From then it was just about getting out of DRS range. And with his pace, it was impossible to drive "within myself" at 99% - it needed to be 100% all of the time and all of the laps.

    I pulled a 3-4 second gap until about lap 13, when I just saw he disappeared. Made the rest of the race pretty dull as I could just coast otherwise I could lose concentration.

    I used to hate T2-4, but somehow with this car they are very nice to drive, and if you nail them, you can clearly gain some time. The rest of the track is just awesome as always.

    Thanks for racing.
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