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Formula Legacy Manager - 70s

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Meff28s, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. Meff28s

    Premium Member

    Formula Legacy Manager

    Have you ever dreamed of re-writing F1 history ? Welcome to the Formula Legacy Manager game. In this game you're playing a Team Manager/Director who will try to leave his mark on his Team and on this sport. You develop your car, you sign your drivers and you try to win races and championship during several years or decades.

    wiki : http://race-department-simulation-career.wikia.com/wiki/Formula_Legacy_Manager

    History :

    Joining the game

    There are currently No place available as a Team Manager.
    Waiting List : @oorjit07 & @Márk Lintner

    I'll ask you to always post anything this way :
    "Manager Name
    Team Name

    (What you want to do or say : upgrades, role-play, choice, contract offer etc..)"

    Rules :
    Sponsor and Rewards
    Depending on the results of your Team last season, you'll be assign to a Tier. Each Tier has different objective for every race during an entire season. If one of your drivers fulfill the deal during a race you'll receive the corresponding reward. Notice that your budget now can't exceed 9 999$. Every $ earned beyond that limit will disappear. The following table shows the different objectives and its reward. You can also see how much money each Driver you have will earn you after every race.
    (example : Your Sponsor is "Finish", during a race one of your driver finishes 20th and the other one retires. You'll receive 250$ from your Sponsor and 150$ for your 20th position.)
    Race Weekends and Car Development
    You won't be able to do anything before the first season-break which will happen on the first quarter of the season. It means that the game will go 4 races by 4 races (16 races per season). There will only be a season-break after each quarter of the season. So you will be able to purchase upgrades for your cars only three times during a season plus one time during the off-season.
    Depending on the level of your car parts (which are rated between 1 and 99), the following table shows you how much each point cost. You're allowed to buy a maximum of 10 points per parts & per season break.
    "-40" means that - if your aero/engine/mechanics is between 1-39, it costs 50$. "-60" means that your part is between 40-59. "-80" means between 60-79 and so on.
    (example : Your actual Aerodynamics level is 43, buying 1 point cost your 100$. Your actual Mechanics level is 59, buying 3 points cost you 300$, even if you'll go upper 60, you're changing category for the next season-break)

    The level of your car is the combination of three different values :
    Aerodynamics (wich is 2/3 of the pace of the car during the Race and 1/3 during Qualifications)
    Engine (which is 2/3 of the pace of the car during Qualifications and 1/3 during the Race)
    Mechanics (which basically improve the reliability of your cars)
    Off-Season and Signing Drivers
    After each season, you'll be able to spend all your money left to develop your car but also to sign drivers if more than one Manager want to sign the same guy. Before spending anything you'll offer him a contract. The Salary he'll get for every race is based on its speed and his age at the moment you sign him. You won't be able to increase or decrease his salary. But you'll be able to set the duration of the contract. Minimum 1 Year, Maximum 3 years. A Driver will always prefer longer contracts and will always prefer Tier 1 Teams. So if a Tier1 team offers him a 2-years-contract and a Tier3 team offers him a 3-years-contract, he'll choose to sign for the back-marker team. But if a Tier2 team offers him 2 years and a Tier3 team also offers him 2 years. He'll choose the Tier2 team. If two Teams offer him the same amount of years, and are the same Tier, then it will work as auctions to get the driver. After the end of a contract, you'll have to negotiate his renewal or not. It will work exactly the same way it worked when the driver was free.
    You have also the possibility to buy a driver who is still employed. You will need only to negotiate in private with the other team manager. A minimum transfert fee is set : 500$. If the driver is sold, his new contract will be a 3 years contract, no matter what. Remember that every driver's salary evolves through time. So every new contract signed will have the actual salary value of the driver but he won't change during his contract. It means that if you sign a driver in 1983 with a 67$ salary for 3 years, in 1985 he'll still cost you 67$. But at the end of his contract if you want to sign him again, you'll need to give him his "new" salary which has probably increased (depending on his stats & age).
    Driver's level and its growth
    You won't be able to see the stats of all the Drivers. But i'll let you know the stats of your own drivers every season if you ask them. The level of a Driver depends on two values :
    Driving Skills (which is basically his pace)
    Aggression (which make a driver faster with a high value but make him retire more often)
    A driver will see his Driving Skills grow until he'll reached his top potential and decrease 3/4 years after. The Aggression level of a driver will slowly decrease (3 points per year) through his entire career making an old driver more reliable than a young driver.
    Reshuffling the cards
    Every 3 seasons, i'll simulate a "regulatory change" to reshuffle the cards. I'll lower every team's ratings of 20/30% and/or 20/30 points, plus a random value.
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  2. Meff28s

    Premium Member

    Statistics and Current Information

    Team Managers
    Tier 1 McLaren --> @Aidan Keranen
    Tier 2 Tyrrell -----> @Jimlaad43
    Tier 2 Ferrari -----> @Timmieturner12
    Tier 3 BRM -------> @kedy89
    Tier 3 Ligier ------> @TTupsi
    Tier 4 ATS ---> @Benutzername
    Tier 4 Williams --> @airutonpurosuto8912
    Tier 4 Renault ------> @Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham
    Tier 5 Brabham -> @The_Laskinator
    Tier 5 Lotus ------> @Manolis Sigoulakis
    Tier 5 Arrows ---> @Milos
    Tier 5 Toleman -----> @rubaru


    Current Line-up

    Tyrrell - A. Jones, 35yo, 135$/race - 0 year left
    Tyrrell - N. Piquet, 29yo, 150$/race - 2 years left
    Ferrari - N. Lauda, 32yo, 177$/race - 1 year left
    Ferrari - J. Scheckter, 31yo, 128$/race - 2 years left
    McLaren - G. Villeneuve, 31yo, 146$/race - 1 year left
    McLaren - K. Rosberg, 33yo, 128$/race - 2 years left
    BRM - M. Alboreto, 25yo, 75$/race - 2 year left
    BRM - J. Laffite, 38yo, 142$/race - 0 year left
    Williams - D. Pironi, 29yo, 94$/race - 2 years left
    Williams - J. Mass, 35yo, 72$/race - 0 year left
    Ligier - R. Arnoux, 33yo, 93$/race - 2 years left
    Ligier - P. Depailler, 37yo, 79$/race - 0 year left
    Renault - D. Daly, 28yo, 56$/race - 2 years left
    Renault - E. De Angelis, 23yo, 56$/race - 0 year left
    Brabham - J. Ickx, 36yo, 93$/race - 0 year left
    Brabham - J-P. Jarier, 35yo, 65$/race - 2 years left
    Lotus - T. Pryce, 32yo, 65$/race - 2 years left
    Lotus - A. Prost, 26yo, 117$/race - 1 year left
    Toleman - P. Tambay, 32yo, 100$/race - 1 year left
    Toleman - J. Watson, 35yo, 100$/race - 0 year left
    ATS - E. Fittipaldi, 35yo, 121$/race - 1 year left
    ATS - R. Patrese, 27yo, 33$/race - 0 year left
    Arrows - J. Hunt, 34yo, 121$/race - 2 years left
    Arrows - N. Mansell, 28yo, 81$/race - 1 year left

    Upcoming Driver Market :

    End of Contract
    J. Watson, 36 years old, ?$/race
    R. Patrese, 28 years old, ?$/race
    E. De Angelis, 24 years old, ?$/race
    A. Jones, 36 years old, ?$/race
    J. Laffite, 39 years old, ?$/race
    J. Mass, 36 years old, ?$/race
    P. Depailler, 38 years old, ?$/race

    Free Agent
    B. Giacomelli, 30 years old, ?$/race
    G. Nilsson, 34 years old, ?$/race
    H-J. Stuck, 31 years old, ?$/race
    M. Surer, 31 years old, ?$/race
    E. Cheever, 24 years old, ?$/race
    A. De Cesaris, 23 years old, ?$/race
    S. Nakajima, 29 years old, ?$/race
    D. Warwick, 28 years old, ?$/race
    T. Fabi, 27 years old, ?$/race
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  3. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    #4 2KF1 Racing RDGPC|LoL/RL Caster@AussieGamingTV Premium Member

    So can I choose McLaren?
  4. Meff28s

    Premium Member

    I propose that every one choose his 3 preferred Teams. Then I'll try to make everyone happy ;)

    Here is the Grid, with next to every driver his contract years left
  5. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Premium Member

    Tyrrell, Lotus, Ferrari, that order
  6. TTupsi

    Premium Member

    1. March
    2. Matra
    3. Surtees
  7. kedy89

    Premium Member

    Tyrrell, March, BRM
  8. Aidan Keranen

    Aidan Keranen
    #4 2KF1 Racing RDGPC|LoL/RL Caster@AussieGamingTV Premium Member

    McLaren, Lotus, Brabham (in order)
  9. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Surtees, McLaren, Matra (haven't read anything, just copying the format the other guys posted :p)
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  10. Benutzername

    Online Martini Racing - Founder and driver

    Ferrari, Williams, Surtees

    Not quite sure if i understood everything correctly and how itll work out in the end, but im sure we'll get there throughout the first season.
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  11. Lotus, Tyrrell, McLaren
  12. Lotus
  13. Tim.E

    Premium Member


    Nah forreal
  14. Meff28s

    Premium Member

    Copy !

    One place left ! but officially two interested guys.. @Andy 'Mars Bar' Graham & @oorjit07 :(

    Will probably need to add a Team..
    If i do that, which one should it be Penske or Shadow ?
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2016
  15. Milos

    Had things gone my way, who knows..

    Add Arrows! Then I can change my choice to that :D
  16. Meff28s

    Premium Member

    Arrows should be introduced in the game at the right time. Some Teams should die through the seasons. Here are the moves we should/could/will do for the next ten years :
    1976 : Ligier replaces Matra
    1977 : Renault replaces BRM
    1978 : Arrows replaces March
    1979 : Alfa Romeo replaces Surtees
    1981 : Toleman replaces Shadow(or Penske)

    If someone think that a team shouldn't die when the day will come, then he'll argue and we could let another team die or simply not add the team that should have come.

    When a new Team will appear, every Manager could apply for the job, regardless his achievements with his current Team.. leaving his seat for someone else.

    But everything will always depend on what happened during the seasons. If BRM is 3 Times World champion it won't die for sure ! Let see what will happen ;)
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2016
  17. TTupsi

    Premium Member

    Of the two it should probably be Shadow because they joined earlier in 1973. My suggestio though is Tecno who joined in 1972. I'd happily apply for Tecno as my first choice if they are added :)
    Perhaps Nanni Galli and Derek Bell as drivers?
  18. Jimlaad43

    Nice apex, I'll take it! Premium Member

    Well I don't want to burst yuor bubble, but Williams didn't first enter a car until 1975
  19. kedy89

    Premium Member

    Still was Frank Williams Racing Cars at that point. Was bought by Walter Wolf, then became Wolf Racing after firing Frank Williams, who went on to set up Williams GP Engineering (today's Williams F1) with Patrick Head.
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  20. airutonpurosuto8912