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Formula Extreme @ Interlagos

Discussion in 'Automobilista Setups' started by Colin O Callaghan, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Work in progress setup for Interlagos Brazil, feel free to make it better.

    Low 1:16 on yellow softs with AI at 95%, as I said work in progress still alot to do on it. Aim is a Low 1:15's or high 1:14.


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  2. ionONE1


    Hi, here is my pole setup from Sunday/Spielberg race. I achieved a 1.07.4, 1 sec faster then Hamiltons time 2015.

    I tested it at Interlagos 1.13.6 (yellow tires/medium track usage/good amount of fuel). You can aim for Rosbergs 2015 quali lap (1.11.282)
    Higher steering lock makes it easier ... only thing i changed, have fun and report back.

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  3. Thanks dude, will try, I am going slowly through one of these setup guides and still have loads of tweaks to do like, power, coast, toe, fast bump, suspension, camber, caster etc, so it my be bettered alot, just struggling to think I can knock another 4-5 seconds off my current. Will give yours a try coz you already took 2.5 secs off my best and report back mate. Cheers
  4. Ok mate, got a low 1:16:200 with yours although its better handling and steering lock high helps, very strange circuit as you can manage a similar time with high or low donforce levels, dont know how you got 1:13, hmmm, your good, I then combined yours with mine and still have alot to do and managed a Low 1:15:200 so thanks, lets home that the continuing tweak of suspension, dampers toe and camber can knock another second off, again this time was done on soft tyres, medium track level of rubber and ai at 90% who where knocking in the same 1:15's well the good teams as I have applied a realistic engine mod so lower teams were coming in at 1:19's medium teams in 1:16's and 1:17's so was quite real and exciting.
  5. Loving the set up by the way, feels so stable and I can get on the power with so much more confidence Managed a 1.12.782 on Softs with a high fuel load onboard so I was pretty happy with that

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  6. Wow cool. Would love to see a video of a 1.12 or 1.13 lap to see what line and gearing shifts your using mate.
  7. 3rd gear T1 and 2, 3rd for Turn 3, 5th then down to 4th for the long right turn 5

    2nd for the first right hairpin, the 3rd for the long left hairpin, 2nd for the 2nd right hairpin accellerate till last proper corner in 3rd gear.

    Its all about being patient and very smooth delivery with the throttle
  8. They are the exact gears I use already
  9. I will try to make a video at some point, im not very clever at this sort of thing :p
  10. ionONE1


    You could also link the replay of your hotlap explorer,document,game,replayfridge
  11. Not a perfect lap, Ran wide at turn 1 slightly and also the last corner plus couple of other small things, this lap was a 1.13.045
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  12. race_fanatic_

    If you want to win, hire a...

    Was gonna record and upload but apparently hadn't put OBS on record....

    I did it in testing with full grip as well as fuel and tyre wear disabled. Used ionONE1's setup and managed a 1:10.7. This was obviously in the best possible conditions. :)
  13. Dude I gotta see a video of that. Amazing time. Super soft or soft tyres? Gonna try today
  14. race_fanatic_

    If you want to win, hire a...

    Soft tyres! Will see if I make a video of it later. A bit annoying to need to redo it!
  15. Hmm, Little mistake at first corner but still don't know where you guys getting the extra time, this was a 1:16:1, I have managed a 1:15:20 but can't do better, this is using my setup low DF also tried ION's HF then also a mixture, all 1:15- 1:16 1:17 times, how the hell you getting 1:11 and 1:10 jesus.

  16. race_fanatic_

    If you want to win, hire a...

    @Colin O Callaghan Have recording from earlier, could upload my 70 litres lap of 1:11.9. Better than nothing! :)

    Btw, you video is set to private.
  17. race_fanatic_

    If you want to win, hire a...

    mod edit: this forum is to share setups, videos can go into racetube instead

    Definitely not the best of laps, a bit out of shape here and there (also with 70 litres).

    I missed the apex completely in T1 I usually use all the kerb and take a tight line to open up T2 and go on the throttle early!
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  18. Qazdar Karim

    Qazdar Karim

    Try with the RPM bar on the LCD, shift when the bar is full, i don't think the leds are accurate.
  19. My video should be ok now. back above.
    PS these are setup videos and not videos to show off cars or graphics, they are related directly to this course setup rather than have posts in two places, please stop deleting. Thank you.
  20. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    This is a great set up mate.Thank you very much.:thumbsup: