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Formula A setup

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by jakobdylan, May 16, 2012.

  1. I am looking for a good setup for Formula A,please can someone share it with me?
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Everybody is too busy with ranting and raving that they can't answer your request it seems. Shame that such questions get completely ignored
  3. Yeah it will be fantasic if someone could reply ,I managed to get 1.22.998 with standard setup about 3s more than world record.
  4. lol, world record for what? what track?
  5. martinsalat


    edit : Please use the attachment option to add setups.

  6. Bologna Formula A World Record is about 1.19.4...
    My personal is 1.22.7...
  7. Why is there more slow bump damper then rebound? :unsure: Try swapping them.
  8. I defy anyone to "set" this up.....use Donnington if you're game.
    I already wasted enough time, and to put this car/game into perspective, even with my lowly DFGT, Gunthar's 2007 F1 mod for RACE07 destroys this, and if you use a G27 or greater+ one of Reiks great set ups, you'll experience something close to sim racing bliss.

    You can buy RACE07 for $5-$6 on steam, and the F1 mod and set ups are free.
  9. martinsalat


    i have race07 since the release.i cant see it any more.
  10. What??
  11. I usually reduce downforce overall, soften rear suspension, and adjust diff settings slightly. For now don't be concerned about world records. They'll be wiped every week as they change the courses and cars. Also, the Formula A, though pretty damn nice with light setup, is fundamentally flawed in that it has too much aero grip at high speed and too little mechanical grip at low speed.

    The devs have acknowledged this and are waiting for tire model tweaks before fine tuning any of the cars into any kind of "final" setup.

    EDIT: Build 239 has tweaks to Formula A mechanical grip and aero grip/influence and it is DAMN good now!