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Skins Formula A - MP4/5 Skin 2015-05-31

Formula A mp4/5 skin

  1. Ricky Davies

    Ricky Davies

    Ricky Davies submitted a new resource:

    Formula A - MP4/4 Skin - Formula A mp4/4 skin

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  2. Its not the MP4/4, Ayrton raced with the number 12 in 1988 when the MP4/4 was raced, the MP4/4 also had Showa on the rear wing. The red is incorrect as well it was more fluorescent.
  3. Ricky Davies

    Ricky Davies

    It is not based any specific year the reason why it includes logos from different years. With the red yes its florescent but its hard to achieve florescent colours and it depends on your monitor and colour settings which give it a different tone.

    There are a few things I want to do with it still and the red is one of them.
  4. Hiya,
    Luke 1974 can you do a new senna skin for us seeing as you seem to have all the knowledge???
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