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Formation lap

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Ondrej Kapal, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. I maybe missed informations about it, but will the race procedure including formation lap?
  2. IIRC this will not be included.
  3. Another nail into the coffin imo
  4. Lets think.

    Formation lap or dynamic weather?
    Formation lap or dynamic track grip (rubbering in and marbles build up)?
    Formation lap or punctures from debris?
    Formation lap or flatspotting your tyres?
    Formation lap or visual wear on wets and the need to cool them off-line in a drying racing line?

    I can understand people missing a safety car - its boring as hell to drive behind one but it does affect the race. I can understand people not liking the 12 player on-line limit if you are into online play. I can also understand people not liking the lack of replay save - its rare I watch a replay more than once but it is a feature I'm used to. But what is the attraction of a formation lap? I remember the original RACE had it where the AI even weaved and I did do one formation lap but that was enough. Never again and a feature not missed in RACE 07.
  5. everybody has his own opinion, if I want real feelings I want everything the reality offers, starting with safety car ending with formation lap. And this shouldnt be that hard to add feature off/on of formation lap (I am not screaming for the best reality simulation physic ever, I just want to live their life as they said with the all offer)

    Thats my opinion and thats the attraction. Not more, not less. I know formation laps from the online racing here, and I like it very much. and in this game AI wont be stupid (or shouldnt be)
  6. I think that the game will quite be such a good sim as NFS Shift, watch the clip from gamescom with Adrian Sutil. ;)
  7. I think it will be even better than Shift. Unlike Shift you will have practice and qualifying, you can do full length races and the AI seem much better.

    Asking Adrian to drive with a joypad was a big mistake IMO :) He does much better with a wheel (even thouigh he put a deadzone in it for some reason) though he really cut the track quite a lot. His best lap was 1:25, about 2 seconds slower than last year.

    The other big mistake Codies made was when the chief developer beat him :D
  8. Formation Lap is not a big deal - it is rarely used on rFactor.
  9. Agreed. I'd love for the PC elitists to get this through their thick skulls over on the official forums.
  10. Just snobbery I'm afraid.

    Like i've mentioned before - similar to those types of people who don't like music just because it makes itself into the charts, despite liking that band/song before.
  11. I do agree that a formation lap is all part of it. Personally I feel the excitement/nervousness build as you finish up the formation lap and then sit waiting for the lights, hearing the engines build.

    I did have that same sensation watching the videos from GamesCon when the engineer said 'Lets fire up the engine' and you leave the pits but it does pull me a bit out of the moment when you are 'in the car' then they do the 'video-game thing' and do flying cameras to show other cars on the grid. For Live the Life, I wish it was an option to only get your driver perspective unless watching replays.

    Anyways, all this being said, the formation lap is just for show in most sims that have them because the tire wear model isn't always accurate enough to get a good heat going to the tires unless you are driving around at a good pace - in rFactor, weaving definitely doesn't seem to do too much - but I also don't know how much heat the real F1 guys are getting in their tires while doing this. It would be a nice part of the strategy to get the heat in the tires, and lay a bit of rubber approaching the grid. They could also have a bit of difference from race to race with engines running too much etc. when the grid doesn't fill quite fast enough etc. - All things they can add in next year to 'Live the Life' for more added elements of realism.

    All this being said - it doesn't make or break the game for me - but I definitely see the desire to have everything you see in a real F1 weekend since that is the experience they are offering.
  12. After playing F1 Championship Edition on PS3. I got tired of doing the formation laps and turned them off to get straight to racing after Practice sessions, Qualifications sessions, and Race 1 & 2.
  13. In all honesty you cant come down on someone for voicing their own opinion ,formation lap may be very important to someone or realist damage to another etc etc.
    There are a lot of stuff i would rather see done in the game than Live the Life.
    By dismissing somebody else's opinion out of hand shows just as much snobbery, and thats the main impression i get from codemasters forums,unless you conform to the view that codemasters are gods and you should be overjoyed that they are making an F1 game and they will allow you to buy it,but god help any one who asks a question or voices an opinion that does not conform to Codemasters view of what an F1 game should be.
  14. I'm a moderator on the official forums so I've been dealing with people complaining about the lack of FL, SC, and RL for over a year now. I understand people want those features, but they need to realize that F1 2010 is exploring new areas of F1. If we wanted a rehash of previous F1 games then I don't see the point in CM paying $10+ million for this license (quite a bit more if the numbers I heard are correct). CM are giving us a chance to experience completely different side of F1 than we're used to. In order to fit all of this into the first game some features had to be pushed back to F1 2011, naturally.

    That's not to say people aren't entitled to an opinion, they just need to be realistic. If they want FL, SC, and RC, there are a handful of other games (PC only I think) that they can play right now. No F1 games features "Live the Life' ;)
  15. Well Dustin lets hope people dont tire of Live the Life like xboxrob777 got tired of the formation lap :)
    Although i can see some stuff will never make in it into the game purely from the consoles hardware issues.
    None of what put in or left out will bother me too much if the racings is impeccable ,and i think it may be like that for a lot of people but if the racing lets me or others down ,then well id be wondering,if this is a racing game why is the racing not sorted first and the following year put in something rpg :)

    Also looking at your post
    "Agreed. I'd love for the PC elitists to get this through their thick skulls over on the official forums."

    Im not so sure that it is just pc guys that are looking for certain stuff that hasnt been included ,i think a lot of these guys are passionate F1 fans from all platforms ,but anyone who does post looking for something is straight away branded as you have done here.
    I have looked at a lot of those posts and the one thing that occurs in most of them is that they would like to have those extra things in the game but at the same time believe that others if they are not into that have the ability to turn them off where as you get somebody who dosent like the idea of a formation lap etc and they are absolutely against the idea of someone getting a feature that they wont personally use.

    As for the 10 million ,who cares what they spent ,they are spending money to make money the same as all businesses.
    Even the worst games in existence spent money on their development ,hope you are not suggesting that people go out and buy the game because they had to pay money to get the license.
  16. "Agreed. I'd love for the PC elitists to get this through their thick skulls over on the official forums."

    This also comes from over on the official forums where a majority of the members complaining cite rFactor or the GP games as having feature X or Y, etc. I feel PC gaming is dying a slow, painful death and they need to realize that developers make their money off of consoles, not PCs. It's a sad truth but one that we have to get used to.
  17. I dont see how that matters one bit,check any game forums and you will find people comparing a new game coming out with what they consider to be the best of the genre.An example of this is the last COD and the dedicated server issue ,it was all pc gamers complaining even though most console users told them to shut up as they believed p2p was fine ,abut funny enough dedicated servers are coming back for the next COD.
    The forums have quite a lot of people not happy now with the damage situation that they have seen in the game and they are using codemasters previous games as their examples of how to do it right ,does this mean they should also be looked down on now, game was on all platforms.
    Also you find a lot of people using F1ce as their example are they also PC elitists even though that game is ps3.
    Maybe its just pc gamers who arent allowed to voice their opinion.
  18. I love T4RG4s comment on twitter - presumably in response to the question "what formats will F1 2011 be on?"

    "almost certainly the same formats again (PS3 & 360 most definitely and if a couple of people buy it on PC... PC :) ) "

    You do get the impression from some PC fans that game developers owe them something - that the PC version should be different/superior to the console version. They don't appreciate the truth that there wouldn't be a PC version at all without the console versions.

    While many people are simply expressing their opinion on the Codies forum, there is a lot of trolling going on, and its all by PC "fans". I'd take it as a backhanded complement - people usually attack what they feel threatened by. If they didn't see F1 2010 as a threat to their sim of choice they wouldn't attack it.
  19. I have a quick question about online ,I realise that it is only 12 cars and that if you have 6 players the other 6 are made up of ai ,but is it possible to have only 6 players and no ai .

    I guess the only way we will know what people really think about it is when everybody gets to play it in a couple of weeks time
    oh and http://www.virtualr.net/f1-2010-tire-damage-video/#comments have a new vid on tire damage if ye havent seen it yet.

    With regard to pc and console gamers ,majority of pc gamers tend to accept less trash
    Majority of console gamers tend to accept more trash.

    This could well be the age difference that exists between the 2 groups(case in point is the average age of the users posting on codies forums and the version they are buying) so its is going to be easier to put a game on consoles ,just give them achivements and they will be happy,but if they are not happy they have the opportunity to return their game and either get credit or money for it.

    If i had that ability with pc games id probably be less critical at times as well.
  20. Sounds PC elitist to me :D