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Skins Ford India Benetton 1.0

Based on the Force India

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  1. Very creative skin! Good job :thumbsup:
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  2. :) ty, it was very hard to do for me.
    I think the game has problem with this model: the number of the car does not appear in the original nor in the skin
  3. Very nice design. Specially when considering the limitations of the models for this year. Yes, the numbers for the fc2 model does not appear anywhere in the car. Making the logos and lines in HD would make it better.:thumbsup:
  4. I would like to do in HD... but first i need to learn.
    Where is the difference? only working in 4096?
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  5. 4096= HD size. You just have to use all logos on your car for example at the half of the size of the texture means = 2048 size every logo and they should be sharp too, not just big size. don't overscale them look for "eps" format, that gives the best result if they look nice and sharp .
  6. yes, 4096 for HD.
  7. ill try on next, ty both
  8. looks very nice never saw this happen after a few years Benetton :D
  9. Melphiz

    [TruckSim-Map Team]

    I usually don't rate mods but this deserved it. Damn, pal I really like it. Too bad I only own F1 2012 that cleary would've been a teamlivery at my unique season.
    If you've got time to spare and motivation may thinking about a downport to 2012? ;)
  10. Ty :)
    I have uninstalled 2012 :unsure:
    Really 2012 was better to paint cars but sure not to drive :thumbsdown:
    I hope Codemasters help us to paint and to drive (both) next 2014....
  11. Pretty cool, maybe what you should do is do the color scheme of the Benetton but put the real Force India sponsors
  12. Based on Force India and Replacing Force India as well right? :p
  13. yep :ninja:
  14. This is a hell of a nice ride since i am in my 3rd season of my career (Toro Rosso, Sauber season 1 and Ferrari, Mercedes AMG season) and now i am driving for Force India sure as hell gonna use it nice work bro :D