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Steering Wheels ForceIndia HD F1 Wheel 4096 1.0

High Res 350 , 4096x4096

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  1. Last edited: Jan 4, 2014
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  2. Thank you, looking good.
  3. Thanks m8 I added the little track map on the bottom , I have started now on the mclaren wheel , but had some issues with the 3d model so I have had to mess around adjusting things but its coming along nicely:thumbsup:
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  4. Thats's awesome, hopefully it wont be as hard as the Sauber one. That's ****ing cool for the track map, that's something only the FI has got ? and it automaticaly detect either of the 19th track ?
  5. No its just cosmetic but more detailed than the original that did not have it , its a shame we could not add it but its complicated and probably would effect the database:thumbsup:
  6. Oh ok I understand better now, you just added that little square like if it was possible to put a track map. Awesome detail once again ^^. Can't wait to see the Mclaren wheel !
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  7. I was going to add just the force india logo into the Lcd display might add something else but it would be wrong to add a track as it would be on the same track all the time , Could add something like a small crack as thought its broken lol:thumbsup:
  8. haha ^^ that's pretty creative. I think the best thing is either to put the FI logo on a lcd screen (different looking than just a sticker, more glowy I guess) or leave it plain like if the driver as the option to put a track map before the race or not ^^.
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  9. Thanks !